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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

AISO.net Launches Touchcloud with 100% Uptime SLA

How green is your hosting platform? An environmentally-sound enterprise hosting solution now exists! AISO.net introduces Touchcloud – the green alternative for hosting. Touchcloud’s 100 percent solar-powered data center in California’s Palm Desert provides clean hosting of files and software, including live streaming, video, music, digital downloads, web sites, enterprise software and more. Partnering with Thunkinc.com, AISO.net has created a scalable web-hosting platform product that can be the data muscle behind the next eco-friendly social network, video sharing website, or sitcom. The challenge is to switch from one provider to another without downtime, Touchcloud works with you to make sure all security measures, content, and databases work perfectly before live deployment. Touchcloud is also announcing a 100% uptime network SLA which allows their customers to have assurance their data is live on the solar data network 24/7.

Many don’t realize it, but hosting large files like webcasts and video at a datacenter requires lots of energy, and currently, carbon-dioxide-producing fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas power most data centers. As the world demands greater bandwidth to view live sports broadcasts, movies, television, videos, and other entertainment online, we run the hidden risk of continuing our polluting ways.

“We are focusing on the entertainment industry because it is a perfect fit. They have large files that stream to millions of people and they also are concerned about non-destructive methods to get their craft to their audience. Any organization with a green mission knows by now that carbon credits is just a bunch of paperwork,” said James Tucker, vice president of marketing and sales for AISO.net. “We are the only data center in the world who is doing it the right way by using trusted and secure technologies on top of the most reliable energy source we have: the sun.”

Touchcloud has the capacity to take a big bite out of the destructive carbon footprint that data centers leave by generating their own energy on-site with two solar arrays in the Palm Springs desert. Rich media files are in high demand and, with home and office bandwidth speeds nearly the same, web users are pulling massive amounts of energy from data centers just to keep large files accessible. For video streaming, Touchcloud can handle over 200,000 simultaneous video streams using the company’s AISO.net data center. In 2004, the company streamed the LiveEarth concerts.

“It’s time to power 21st century ideas with 21st century technology. Other data centers consider themselves green because they pay for certificates after they use dirty fuels, but Touchcloud is the leading provider of truly green broadcasting,” said Phil Nail, Chief Technology Officer. “With Touchcloud, the only nonrenewable energy possibly needed to host large files is what powers the user’s own computer – that’s it.”

“Being able to offer a 100% uptime network SLA is a huge advantage,” Tucker said. “Because we have no energy overhead, we will be able to offer more aggressive pricing and also be able to provide fixed pricing over a long term because our energy cost will be the same in 10 years – zero.”

Speed is another key component. Touchcloud is about to launch a file sharing application called solarsendit.com that shows how fast the Touchcloud solution works from upload to download. With a maximum of 300 megabytes per file, the public can use this as a smarter way to send large files that do not need to use fossil fuels to send around the world. The only energy used to send a 300 megabyte file are the computers on either end.

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