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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

RAID Inc. Launches XANADU 220 Peta-Byte Scalable Storage Solution

RAID Inc., an end to end high-performance solution provider, announced today the Xanadu 220, its latest launch into enterprise class scalable storage with exceptional performance of up to 6GB/s. The Xanadu 220 is ideal for environments that store vast amounts of data and is utilized for high-bandwidth programs and complex application processing such as computational analysis, data-intensive research, rich media, 3-D computer modeling, seismic processing, data mining and large-scale simulation. Demands of multiple terabytes per second are required to minimize the I/O cycles of large-scale clusters.

The Xanadu 220 solution comes in two host connectivity options; Direct InfiniBand [8 x DDR Ports] or Fibre-Channel [16 x 8Gb FCPorts]. This gives HPC users configuration options that fit their individual needs.

The Xanadu 220 provides superior density and cost savings with a 4U drive enclosure that supports up to 60 SATA drives that are all accessible from the front, reduced operational costs up to 35% and footprint up to 65% reduction for capacity-intensive applications. The Xanadu 220 also has the option of a 3U drive enclosure that supports intermixing high-performance SSD and FC drives with high-capacity SATA drives.

“No single point of failure and a wide array of Enterprise class features unmatched density and performance make this product unique in the Storage Industry,” stated Bob Picardi, CEO of RAID Inc.

About RAID Incorporated
Since 1994 RAID Inc. has provided true 100% customized storage and computing solutions that best meet the unique requirements of HPC centers, corporations, government entities and educational institutions worldwide. From supercomputing to grid computing, RAID Inc. ensures the availability of critical digital content in real-time, all the time. The company guarantees this with the “RAID Approach,” the industry’s only concierge service and support model that assures the highest level of personalized support and resolution to any issue. StorageWatch®, the industry’s only real-time monitoring and managed storage service offering which lowers total cost of ownership while increasing data availability, was developed as part of the “RAID Approach” to better serve its customers. RAID Inc.’s guaranteed “customer first” approach has made them an industry leader in true 100% customized storage and the best service and support. For more information about RAID Inc. visit www.raidinc.com or call 800-330-7335.

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