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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

GreenServe.com.au Provides Eco-friendly Website Hosting

Brisbane company, Creative Intersection, is challenging the assumption that IT companies and SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises) can’t work together to stop the damage their IT infrastructure can do to the environment.

GreenServe.com.au has been established as a first step towards a more environmentally friendly and economical way to host SME websites,whilst still providing the high level of service, availability, speed, and overall reliability that small business depends on to keep going.

Creative Intersection’s Managing Director, Ian Exaudi, said the concept is quite simple: “We take the same high-quality servers we use for everyday hosting, and calculate the amount of power used by those servers and their related cooling systems”.

The total power used is then offset via the purchase of carbon offset credits provided via an ongoing relationship with Carbon Neutral.

“An important marketing and sales tool for many SME’s these days is their website, and they are always looking for great quality, fast, simple website hosting – but many also want to do something for the environment in any way they can,” Mr Exaudi said.

“The fact is that you really can have everything these days, and with fast Australian-based hosting that’s also carbon neutral – the environment doesn’t have to suffer a single bit.”.

Each website hosted on the carbon neutral GreenServe.com.au servers can choose to display an icon on their website proving their carbon neutrality to their visitors.

Hosting packages start from under $13 (AUD) per month, and can be set up in minutes.

Dedicated servers are also available – for larger businesses and Government customers who need their own carbon neutral server.

The next challenge for the GreenServe.com.au service is to create reseller packages that will allow other small hosting providers to take advantage of the carbon neutral servers without owning the hardware or calculating the offsets themselves.

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