Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

iWeb Announces New Line of Smart Servers

iWeb a global provider of Internet hosting services and IT infrastructure, announces the introduction of Intel Core i processors in its Smart Servers line of dedicated servers.

The Smart Servers are now available in several configurations that use Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 starting from only $109/month. Intel Core i3 and i5 are also available on iWeb’s Classic dedicated servers.

iWeb enable its 1500th Smart Server

Two months ago, iWeb announced that it had reached the 1,000 active Smart Servers mark. As of today, over 1500 Smart Servers have been enabled. This confirms the trend that this new type of dedicated server fulfills a need by providing dedicated servers users with flexibility usually associated with Cloud type hosting.

Launched in mid October 2010, Smart Servers represent iWeb’s largest innovation to-date. Smart Servers are powered by Smart Layer, a new server provisioning technology developed by iWeb. Smart Layer allows fully automated provisioning and management of servers. In only 3 months, the Smart Server has secured a very important place in the company’s portfolio of products.

The launch of this new line of dedicated servers marked the first step in the company’s transformation into one of the most innovative providers of automated hosting services.

For further information on Smart Server, please see: http://iweb.com/dedicated/smart-servers/

A Smart Server in constant evolution

From the onset, the Smart Server was designed to evolve. iWeb regularly makes regular updates to its platform to bring more control to its customers. iWeb has recently added the automated re-installation feature of the operating system and of the cPanel Control Panel directly through the Smart Server’s Control Center.

New features are also planned for the coming months, including support for hardware RAID arrays and R1Soft backup solutions, as well as firewall functionalities.

For further details, please consult: http://blog.iweb.com/en/2011/02/new-feature-in-the-control-center-os-reinstall/6873.html

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