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Neuxpower Launches Next Generation File Optimization Solution

Neuxpower Solutions (www.neuxpower.com), a global leader in file optimization software, today launched NXPowerLite for File Servers, designed to reduce bloated Microsoft Office and JPEG files to a fraction of their original size to improve network efficiency and shorten backup windows while reclaiming expensive, primary storage resources. With this launch, Neuxpower is expanding its reach in North America, to build on its existing customer base of more than one million users worldwide.

NXPowerLite for File Servers optimizes Microsoft Powerpoint, Word and Excel files, as well as JPEG images by removing any excess baggage and converting graphics to the most appropriate file format and resolution. Optimized files are reduced by up to 95(1) percent of their original size, remain in their original format and retain all their original attributes and functionality, so they can be opened and edited by anyone. Optimized files do not need to be unzipped, decompressed or rehydrated before use, and no special viewing software is required.
The growing use of images, charts and other graphics within documents today leads to expanded file propagation – or file size creep – which results in a number of challenges for organizations, including non-recoverable operational time, wasted organizational resources and increased IT infrastructure costs.
“File growth, in both volume and file sizes, continues to put a choke hold on IT organizations, straining resources and impacting overall system performance,” said Terri McClure, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Throwing more hardware at the problem is just a band-aid and leads to more management complexity and a corresponding increase in storage spend. Neuxpower addresses these issues with a unique file optimization solution that eliminates unessential data, converts graphics to the most efficient format and resolution, dramatically reduces the size of content-rich files, and increases efficiency and bottom line cost savings, all while keeping the file basically intact.”
Neuxpower solutions are deployed by many of the world’s leading organizations and are accredited for use by such well-known defense organizations as the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy; U.S. Department of Defense, British Ministry of Defence, and Canadian National Defence.
“I see file optimization as a really good method to reduce capital investment by giving us some disk and tape space savings,” said Matt Moss, Systems Infrastructure Manager, SEWS-e. “It has allowed us to realize immediate reductions in our backup and restore time window. I also see file optimization very much as a prerequisite to archiving documents into our file server archive system – no point in storing documents that are larger than they need to be. We have tested NXPowerLite for File Servers at our HQ, and we are pleased with the results. We will be buying more.”
Key Benefits of NXPowerLite for File Servers
• Dramatic file size reduction – Reduces file sizes by up to 95 percent, with no loss of visual content integrity. This means that NXPowerLite can achieve a significant reduction in existing primary storage.
• Optimized files remain in their original format – Optimized files retain all their original attributes, including date, time and creator. Because they remain in their original format, they can be opened and edited by anyone.
• No decompression required – Optimized files do not need to be unzipped, decompressed or rehydrated before use. There is no negative impact on system performance when users need to view or edit files. In fact, because optimized files are smaller than the originals, system performance is improved.
• Works with common file types that don’t respond well to compression – Optimizes PowerPoint, Word, Excel and JPEG files – common file types that don’t typically respond well to compression because they contain pre-compressed content.
“Sixty percent of corporate storage growth is unstructured data such as Microsoft Office files,” said Mike Power, CEO, Neuxpower. “Throwing more hardware at the problem is simply out of the question as IT is tasked with doing more with less. Our customers have taken a proactive approach by implementing Neuxpower’s dynamic file optimization solutions to dramatically reduce file footprints to achieve greater efficiencies and investment protection.”
(1)Source: NXPowerLite Trident Warrior Experimentation and Results, FORCEnet
About Neuxpower
Established in 1997, Neuxpower Solutions is a global leader in file optimization software. NXPowerLite technology is designed to help organizations manage the impact of bloated files on their business. Neuxpower desktop and server solutions are used by more than one million people worldwide. For more information visit www.neuxpower.com

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