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Pro2col Release Update for StingRay File Transfer Server

Pro2col Ltd, manufacturers of Hermstedt StingRay and specialists in the field of secure file transfer, are pleased to announce the release of StingRay 2.6. Widely adopted within the creative industries, version 2.6 of this award-winning file transfer server offers users a host of new features, designed to support comprehensive workflow integration whilst making the large file transfer process easier, quicker and more secure than ever before.

Developed with flexibility in mind, the latest firmware release for this multi-protocol file transfer server provides users with an entirely new file sending option aptly named, Quicksend. Intended for one-off transmissions, the Quicksend feature enables users to send large files instantaneously via the StingRay Client application (Mac version 2.0 and above) by simply entering an email address, negating the need to spend valuable time setting up address book entries.

In light of growing data security concerns and in addition to the extensive security features offered by this file transfer server, StingRay 2.6 also sees the inclusion of HTTPS with 128-bit SSL encryption. A standard security protocol used during online payment transactions; HTTPS ensures that the security of sensitive data is maintained during transit over unsecured networks.

Similarly, there have been some significant improvements to the existing features and functionality offered by StingRay. One such improvement is the ability to personalise email content when using the Email Hyperlink feature to send to external customers. Furthermore, files uploaded via the external web browser interface can be automatically copied to an internal server volume on your network for enhanced business process automation.

James Lewis, Managing Director of Pro2col commented, “Security of personally identifiable data has become a top priority for many businesses following recent increases in regulations and compliance such as the Data Protection Act and PCI DSS. StingRay now provides an industry standard secure file transfer protocol in HTTPS, and coupled with the hardened kernel and other security features, StingRay is well positioned to help businesses comply with information security regulations. With the new features secure, large file transfer is simpler than ever before.”

The latest 2.6 release is free to all existing StingRay 2.5 users with a valid Silver or Gold maintenance contract, and can be downloaded from the StingRay website. For further information relating to StingRay 2.6, please visit the StingRay website or contact Pro2col Ltd on 0333 123 1240.

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