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AppAssure Windows Server Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

AppAssure Software, Inc., a provider of innovative Windows Server backup and disaster recovery software, today announced that the Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) – one of the busiest of all the ports of Canada’s great lakes – relies on AppAssure’s Replay 4 backup and disaster recovery software to manage the logistics of shipping roughly 12 million metric tons of cargo over 700 vessels each year.

IT Administrators, Ross Englefield and Peter Hammerl are using AppAssure’s Replay 4 as the backup and recovery solution for all of their servers in order to achieve an off-site replication and archive of all their server-based data and applications. Englefield and Hammerl support around 60 employees, many servers, and a network of 3 locations within the port, and everything is automated. They had to make sure that the complicated data management, traffic management and infrastructure met their post-911 security needs: that the data was secure and offsite.

As the HPA’s IT Administrators state, AppAssure came in at best price with all the features that they needed: backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and high availability. In addition, Englefield and Hammerl have relied on AppAssure’s support team for a smooth transition for their application recovery needs.

“We have around 60 employees, many servers, and a network of 3 locations within the port. Everything is automated: data management, traffic management and our infrastructure is made more complicated due to security needs post 9-11. So we have to make sure all the cameras and controls are all working correctly and make sure everything is running smoothly,” says Englefied. “AppAssure’s sales team is really good. They were a responsive team and eager to work together. It was nice to see that they were pretty laid back and not so pushy.”

“Replay is working great,” Hammerl adds. “I’ve tested restoring files and databases, and everything has gone smoothly. The application is pretty granular so we can choose what to backup, at what time intervals, etc. We can get exactly what we want when we want it.”

“Support has been awesome! They are brilliant. You phone them up and they get back to you really quickly. They get things fixed.”

Replay 4 provides organizations worldwide with sophisticated backup and disaster recovery capabilities, including:

– Eliminates the backup window
– Creates point-in-time images continuously
– Reduces server down-time allowing users to access applications (including e-mail) during a live recovery
– Reduces disk space upwards of 80% with built-in data deduplication and compression
– Allows for recovery or messages, files, databases, storage groups or the entire server from bare-metal in just a few clicks.

To download a free trial version of Replay 4 backup and disaster recovery software, visit www.appassure.com.

About AppAssure Software
AppAssure Software is a manufacturer of award-winning innovative Windows server backup and disaster recovery software. Designed to protect the applications, not just the data, AppAssure solutions deliver high-value features for reliable data protection that is corruption-free. As a result, IT administrators can have the confidence that their Windows applications are completely protected and easily recoverable in the event of data loss or disaster. AppAssure’s flagship product, Replay 4 is an application-aware, disk-based imaging solution that automatically and continuously images your entire Windows application server delivering accelerated application backups and disaster recovery for Windows servers in minutes. For more information about AppAssure Software, visit www.appassure.com.

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