Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Black Lotus Announces Platinum Sponsorship at HostingCon 2010

Sponsorship to raise awareness of DDoS protection solutions to prevent DDoS attacks.

Black Lotus, a leading distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection services company, announced today its platinum level sponsorship at HostingCon 2010, the hosting industry’s sixth annual convention. HostingCon 2010 will take place July 19-21 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX. Black Lotus offers specialized website hosting with DDoS services, including DDos protected hosting and DDoS protected dedicated servers.
“We are excited to sponsor HostingCon as it provides the hosting industry a means of sharing ideas, learning about new technology and networking,” says Jeffrey Lyon, Director at Black Lotus. “This year’s theme of cloud hosting is especially relevant as Black Lotus now offers LotusCloud VM, a DDoS protected virtual solution that defeats attacks which take advantage of cloud hosting’s vulnerabilities.”
The many educational sessions offered at HostingCon 2010 include a track devoted to cloud hosting and cloud computing. Businesses interested in a DDoS protection host in addition to the scalability and flexibility of cloud hosting look to LotusCloud VM to receive embedded DDoS mitigation without purchasing separate services for their hosting and protection needs.
“LotusCloud VM is fully scalable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective, and is designed to drive clean traffic to your site” says Lyon. “Black Lotus has the specialized skills, technologies and bandwidth to offer an advanced DDoS protection service that conquers specialized DDoS attacks allowing every type of business to enjoy the 100% uptime that is critical for its success.”
Black Lotus’ DDoS protection solutions include DDoS protected servers and web hosting, colocation and remote protection. HostingCon attendees are encouraged to visit the Black Lotus booth to take part in the “Recover the Booty!” contest. Grab a key and see if your key opens the Black Lotus treasure box. While at HostingCon 2010, attendees can pick up a product sheet to learn more about effective website protection from Black Lotus, the first and leading DDoS protection services company.
“When businesses need 100% uptime, DDoS attacks can cost millions of dollars and in some cases, destroy a company’s reputation,” says Lyon. “Small and medium-sized businesses, ecommerce sites, companies offering hosting services, enterprise companies, or sites with highly confidential databases would benefit from our years of knowledge and expertise in DDoS protection and repelling thousands of malicious attacks every year.”
Black Lotus is a proud Platinum Sponsor of HostingCon 2010 in Austin, TX this July 19-21. Businesses with high traffic websites interested in DDoS protection services are encouraged to visit the Black Lotus booth at HostingCon 2010 to learn more about hosting with DDoS protection.
About Black Lotus
Black Lotus has been providing robust and cost effective DDoS protection solutions since 1999. As the first and leading DDoS protection services company, Black Lotus stops robots in their tracks with advanced distributed denial of service protection delivering enterprise grade solutions at a fraction of the cost. The Black Lotus Enterprise network is the only purpose-built DDoS protected hosting network designed to combat distributed denial of service attacks from the ground up utilizing 100% premium name brand bandwidth. Black Lotus delivers hundreds of billions packets safely to their destination each month.

For more information about Black Lotus, visit http://www.blacklotus.net

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