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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Devoted Hosting Launches New Affiliate Program

Growing shared and reseller hosting provider Devoted Hosting has today announced the launch of its new affiliate program. In a bid to hasten its already quick growth since opening in early 2009, Devoted Hosting has announced the structure of its new program which rewards its affiliates by paying recurring commission.

On Saturday, the owner of Devoted Hosting Tristan Perry said the following about their new affiliate system: “We are proud to announce the launch of our affiliate program. When you refer someone, our system pays 10% recurring income. What this means is that our affiliates receive 10% of every payment that the customer(s) they refer makes.”

Continuing, Tristan Perry said “And whilst many affiliate programs have a high withdrawal limit and a 60+ day hold on any commissions earnt, we have aimed to ensure that our affiliates get paid sooner rather than later with just 45-day holds and a $30 withdrawal limit.”

In addition to its new affiliate program, Devoted Hosting have recently branched out into more social avenues by opening a new blog, a Twitter account and a Facebook page to further connect with their clients.

You can find more information about their affiliate program at: http://www.devotedhosting.com/Affiliate.php.

Devoted Hosting opened in early 2009 offering shared and reseller hosting. They have continued to offer solely shared and reseller hosting, opting to specialise in these fields.


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