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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

TELEHOUSE Announces IX Anywhere

TELEHOUSE America (www.telehouse.com), the United States’ leading provider of carrier-neutral data centers, international Internet exchanges, and managed IT services, announces today, the debut of IX Anywhere service, offering up to 1Gbps global Ethernet transport solutions to the world’s largest international Internet eXchange Points (IXPs). To initiate service, companies with network equipment housed in any of TELEHOUSE’s 14 Global Interlink (low-latency, Layer 2 Ethernet) POPs in North America and Europe can now connect to the New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) and the Los Angeles International Internet Exchange (LAIIX). In addition, customers utilizing IX Anywhere to connect to NYIIX and LAIIX will not be charged any cross-connect fees when connecting within TELEHOUSE facilities.
IX Anywhere reduces the need for colocation space by allowing customers to connect seamlessly to the IXP of their choosing via the TELEHOUSE-KDDI demarcation point in the facility where the peering exchange point is housed. TELEHOUSE-KDDI will then order the cross-connection from the demarcation point to the IXP, enabling customers to peer with members, both publicly or privately, as arranged through the preferred IXP. Through IX Anywhere, customers now have access to a much larger list of potential peering partners without needing to colocate in the same facility where the IXP is housed.

“The launch of IX Anywhere gives TELEHOUSE customers and service partners a simple and cost-effective way to expand their peering potential and access the largest IXPs in the United States, England, France, Japan or any other country where the TELEHOUSE/KDDI’s network is accessible, without having to secure colocation in additional facilities,” said Akio Sugeno, TELEHOUSE’s Sr. Director of Business Development, Internet Engineering & Operations. “Through IX Anywhere, TELEHOUSE enables our data center customers and partners, as well as non-TELEHOUSE facility customers to extend their reach to the most important IXPs around the world, reinforcing global interconnectivity for the community of thousands of prospective peers in many different countries.”

TELEHOUSE owns and operates two of the United States’ heavily trafficked IXPs, NYIIX and LAIIX. Last year, NYIIX was named the largest and longest-running public Internet exchange point in the New York metropolitan market, offering connections to over 120 businesses seeking IP peering connections. Launched in 2000, LAIIX has been recognized as the key IP peering gateway for media companies, ISPs and content providers seeking advanced peering with customers from the Asia-Pacific rim. Over 180+ customers leverage both exchange points as cost-effective alternatives to conventional paid bandwidth. Previously, customers could only connect to NYIIX at 25 Broadway, 7 Teleport Dr, 60 Hudson and 111 Eighth Ave, while those looking to connect to LAIIX could only do so from 626 Wilshire and One Wilshire in Los Angeles. Thanks to IX Anywhere, customers with access to any of TELEHOUSE’s Global Interlink POPs, now have redundant and diverse interconnection accessibility to these and other popular peering exchanges in Chicago, Dallas, Palo Alto, Ashburn, London or Paris.

About TELEHOUSE America

A stable and trusted pioneer of carrier-neutral data center services, TELEHOUSE provides secure, power-protected environments, where clients house and operate their telecommunications and network resources. Among the many benefits of colocating with TELEHOUSE is the ability to connect to state-of-the-art peering exchanges in New York (NYIIX) and Los Angeles (LAIIX). Through Manage-E (http://www.Manage-E.com), TELEHOUSE provides a comprehensive suite of solutions — from help desk and hardware support to managed IT infrastructure, security and compliance services — all delivered by expert consulting and operations teams on a global scale and from one point-of-contact. Additionally, the global availability of 38 TELEHOUSE-branded data centers in 20 cities throughout Asia, Africa, North America and Europe, delivers continuous, cost-effective operation of network-dependent, IT infrastructure to businesses around the world. Please visit http://www.Telehouse.com, or contact us at [email protected].

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