Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

eUKhost Announce HyperV Cloud Hosting

eUKhost, the UK’s premier web hosting company, have been extending their company services to cloud hosting for clients. As well as their VMware cloud hosting, they announce that they can also offer their new HyperV cloud hosting service to clients for an affordable price.

eUKhost believe that Cloud hosting can offer many advantages over standard dedicated server hosting. The process works by employing a number of servers and utilising them in one manageable cluster, and is a fantastic solution for large companies who rely heavily on their web presence. Cloud hosting offers a 100% uptime guarantee and greater levels of security. It is also a lot easier to upgrade and is a highly reliable method of hosting.

The difference that a HyperV cloud hosting package through eUKhost offers that its VMware package incorporates a Windows 2008 Standard R2 operating system, as opposed to the VMware package’s Linux or Windows option. The prices for HyperV are still the same as the VMware package, and setup is free for both models.

“Many people, especially those with a massive web presence, are making the move over to cloud hosting because of its reliability and performance,” says Ryan Watson, Business Development Manager at eUKhost. “The issues of moving your website from a shared server to a dedicated server are rendered void and expansion can be done essentially with minimum limitations. The benefits of cloud hosting are various, especially if you choose to use our HyperV cloud hosting service. You can find a more detailed breakdown of our packages through our eUKhost website.”

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