Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

PacificHost Drops Bandwidth and Disk Space Limits and Upgrades Servers

The company has been offering a wide variety of services since its inception back in 1999. In an effort to remain competitive, PacificHost has dropped the disk space and bandwidth limit for its web hosting and business hosting services completely. Additionally, the previous Premium Hosting plans have been changed to Business Hosting for better clarification.

With the drop in service limits, PacificHost is now provisioning servers running with the new E5620 Processor. New servers for its Web Hosting and Business Hosting are running as Dual Processor, Quad Core servers. This comes with the increased demand placed on the servers with social media scripts such as Magento, PHPmotion, Dolphin and others.

“PacificHost has been growing rapidly despite the economy. The enhancement to our services comes with our increase in hardware specs for our servers. Since our service caters to start-ups and developers, I believe it was important to make sure that we could meet the ever-growing demand for these power-hungry websites. PacificHost has gained a reputation for providing hosting without the oversold servers or constantly failing hardware, and that is how I intend to keep it,” said PacificHost President Thomas Perry.

With the limits removed, the company also lowered its pricing to $2.49 for the smallest hosting plan. With this, a 3rd billing cycle was added to all plans in order to meet the growing demand for longer payment terms.

For more information, please visit http://www.pacifichost.com/

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