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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Colocation America Announce 100% Uptime for 2010

Colocation America, a leading colocation and dedicated server provider, announced that their power status and unique core network uptime for the entire year of 2010 was 100%.

Colocation America maintains 22 premier data centers across the US, all with simple access to major connectivity hubs. “We are very happy that we were about to reach this goal two years in a row,” said Michael Trunkett, President of Colocation America. “Our success is a credit to our fantastic engineers and staff, not to mention the investment in upgrades we put into our data center infrastructure.”

Colocation America’s redundant power systems, which include inline power backups, onsite Caterpillar generators with standby fuel and UPS systems, are the backbone which keeps them up and running at 100% year round. If a power outage were to occur, Colocation America’s power system would trigger the UPS systems, which would right away have the generators working and providing power to the facility. All of the equipment is monitored using the UPS system, ensuring that only clean power passes through the center and keeps everything running.

Trunkett also gives credit to their cooling systems, citing that “redundant CRAC units keep our centers at the optimal temperatures, preventing overheating and allows our hardware to run smoothly.”

All of Colocation America’s locations consist of more than just the data center. Spacious offices, friendly reception areas and space for onsite staff to work comfortably are a part of every location. Collectively, the engineers at Colocation America have over 40 years of experience and keep themselves up to date on new technologies. The engineers played a large role in the major upgrades which were made to the Telecom Center location.

Colocation America encourages prospective and current clients to stop by and take a tour of the data center closest to them. Customers looking for quality colocation hosting and 100% uptime based on state-of-the-art software and hardware, certified and experienced engineers, and leading service partners are encouraged to visit http://www.colocationamerica.com to learn more about Colocation America’s services.

About Colocation America

Established in 2000, Colocation America has grown to become one of the most reliable colocation hosting providers nationally. Based in Los Angeles, California, Colocation America was built from the ground up by professional engineers with a vision of delivering a fully integrated, trusted colocation server hosting service. Colocation America has earned a reputation of excellence through its attention to detail, highly qualified technicians and commitment to the latest data center technology.

Colocation America’s primary data centers are located in the world famous One Wilshire building (Los Angeles) and 60 Hudson (New York). Colocation America’s data center locations provide maximum scalability to major fiber carriers and can connect to virtually any backbone provider. Colocation America has direct access to over 240 bandwidth providers around the world and can scale Internet connectivity to meet client needs. Colocation America offers scalable complex managed hosting solutions including cloud computing, virtualization, and managed dedicated server environments. Colocation America leverages its extensive portfolio of colocation services with a powerful IT team to deliver affordable solutions to businesses.

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