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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

HostGee Web Hosting Adds Flexible API to Reseller Services

Allowing for automation and enhanced control, this complimentary tool gives HostGee resellers easier management of their reseller business and customer base.

HostGee API is a flexible and powerful resource that can be seamlessly incorporated into resellers’ websites. HostGee partners can customize the interface to perform tasks that are best suited to their needs. Most importantly, its automated performance leaves business leaders with more time and energy to put towards things like marketing and sales.

For HostGee, this is an important step in boosting the company’s appeal within such a competitive market. Shafiq Ur Rehman, CEO/Founder for HostGee.Com, said the company is committed to providing a world class service for its resellers and believes this API will be an extremely valuable tool to HostGee resellers.

“HostGee understands how important an API is to its reseller partners. Having an administrative tool such as this significantly increases the productivity and opportunities for our resellers,” Shafiq said. “The HostGee team is confident that current and potential resellers will be very satisfied with the functionality and new capabilities this interface will offer them. Not only will the API make their reseller business easier to manage, but it will provide our resellers with more options that they can implement into their customer care strategy.”

The API allows resellers to automate new customer signups, create admin tools for end-customers, and process customer orders automatically. Resellers using the API can have their customers set up hosting directly from their website and secure domain names in real-time. What’s more is the potential for resellers to increase their profit margins — this API is an efficient mechanism for running a smooth and profitable business operation.

HostGee is automatically including the API into its resellers’ control panels. It is accessible using any server side language, and provides full documentation and examples for all API functions. Resellers are also given test scripts as another way to customize the API for their business needs.

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