Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

JaguarPC VPS Hosting Plans

JaguarPC, a leading web hosting company, announced today how its virtual private server hosting plans are giving small and medium sized businesses more server control to maximize website performance while enhancing security. Website owners can choose the operating system, software, and applications most suited to their needs while experiencing faster performance with JaguarPC’s VPS web hosting.

“As one of the first VPS hosting providers since 2002, JaguarPC VPS hosting customers have and continue to receive a first-class web hosting experience. JaguarPC VPS hosting eliminates slow loading times and buffering delays that typically cause frustration with other web hosting providers,” says Greg Landis, Founder and CEO at JaguarPC. “Our VPS hosting customers have more options, more control, and even greater security and server performance with all VPS hosting plans at JaguarPC.”
JaguarPC VPS web hosting provides each website with its own server resources, allowing each website to be unaffected by the activities of other websites. Designated server resources and choice of operating system and software are key components that drastically enhance website and application performance when using JaguarPC VPS web hosting services. JaguarPC maintains constant uptime and fast loading times with all VPS hosting plans through its state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure.
“JaguarPC’s VPS hosting, available with dedicated server resources, gives our customers freedom to grow their business rapidly without having to worry about exceeding the limits of their hosting plan and provides more flexibility including burstable RAM at 1-4GB and diskspace starting at 15GB,” says Landis. “Root access and full management services are also available with all JaguarPC VPS hosting so customers receive more control and security with their VPS hosting plan.”
JaguarPC VPS hosting customers can run their applications and websites on their own operating systems as JaguarPC virtual private servers are isolated from other websites utilizing the same physical server. JaguarPC also protects customer data in secure data centers with 24-hour monitoring and emergency backup systems in place.
“You can’t run a business without your essential data on customers and website activity –JaguarPC is committed to supporting and protecting that data in every way,” says Landis. “With flexible server configuration options, all JaguarPC VPS hosting services add an extra layer of protection so you can leave the security up to us while you focus on what you do best.”
JaguarPC’s virtual private server hosting offers more security than shared web hosting. All VPS hosting accounts are fully managed with free reboots, 24/7/365 remote hands, server updates as requested, compromised server recovery, server monitoring, security assessments, rootkit hunter installation, and other enhanced VPS hosting security features.
Business owners, organizations, and website owners interested in more powerful, reliable, and flexible VPS hosting to help their business grow, are encouraged to visit jaguarpc.com. JaguarPC offers fully managed VPS hosting, Linux VPS hosting, Windows VPS hosting and VPS reseller hosting backed by a team of hosting industry experts with 24-7-365 technical support.
About JaguarPC
Established in 1998, JaguarPC is one of the world’s most trusted and experienced hosting companies. JaguarPC delivers superior service to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model. JaguarPC provides hosting support to business and personal clients from across the globe including the world’s leading companies and governments in many countries. JaguarPC has over ten years of experience in the hosting industry and has a growth rate of over 95% year after year.
For more information about JaguarPC, visit http://www.jaguarpc.com/

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