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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Larrytech Switches to DediPower Managed Hosting

Independent internet services provider and design agency, Larrytech has moved its hosting from the USA to UK-based DediPower in order to obtain a more competitive and personal service and to boost its data handling and processing speeds.

Offering full web hosting and IT consultancy for a broad range of international and British companies in the leisure, security, and commercial property sectors, Larrytech undertook extensive supplier evaluation before switching to DediPower’s hosting services. DediPower now supplies Larrytech with a bespoke infrastructure comprising shared and dedicated servers to meet their needs.

Larrytech founder and Director, Lawrence Hardcastle, explains, “In the past, customers just wanted cheap hosting. Now they realise the value of their digital assets. Consequently, their fragmented approach to website management is being replaced by consolidated, integrated digital activity designed to deliver long term ROI, efficiency and value. In this environment, it is no longer acceptable to supply ‘boxed’ hosting solutions, which is why we moved to DediPower.”

He continues, “Larrytech wanted a hosting partner that could understand its business and offer value added support. DediPower was the best -solid advice, tailored products; a low-pressure, personal approach; and a passion to maintain uptime and availability. Consequently, our hosting system is now super efficient and makes the best use of our resources while giving us complete flexibility and control.

“The payback in terms of faster processing is also very impressive. When we migrated to DediPower, many of our clients were amazed at the difference to their website’s performance. Where relatively small uploads used to take 15 minutes they now take only two. This means we spend more time doing our job than waiting for the system to catch up. This has had a positive impact on our productivity and our own client service.”

Responsiveness was also a key selection criteria according to Lawrence, “Infrastructure acts as the foundation for all our business, so its smooth operation is crucial. DediPower has given us a new level of proactivity – they are fast, responsive and able to meet our demanding requirements and tight deadlines. The stability and quality of solution is excellent, their dedicated Data Centres are designed to ensure 100% availability 24/7 365 days a year. They are also at the forefront of advances in hosting, investing in state of the art solutions – deploying the very latest technology such as Cloud if ever we require it.”

Craig Martin, DediPower CEO confirms, “Larrytech and DediPower share a common goal – to deliver excellence and add outstanding value. Our inherent commercial flexibility and in-house technical expertise means we can both evolve solutions to meet our customers needs – no matter how arduous their operating environment or application.”

About DediPower Managed Hosting

A leading UK provider of managed hosting and data centre solutions, DediPower makes internet and eBusiness innovation a reality and delivers outstanding ROI for organisations of all sizes. Current clients include Sony, Virgin, ITV, NHS and The BRIT Awards. Focused on delivering service excellence through its Support with Passion(R) philosophy, DediPower’s enterprise class data centres offer 100% availability and accredited data security to support business critical, data-rich, ecommerce, interactive and web-based applications. It provides bespoke managed hosting, managed private cloud, virtualisation, multi-server clusters, and co-location services. DediPower is a winner of numerous hosting awards and is a Microsoft Gold certified partner and RedHat Ready hosting partner. DediPower’s headquarters is located in Reading Berkshire, UK. For additional information, visit http://www.dedipower.com or follow DediPower via Twitter, http://twitter.com/dedipower

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