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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

30 hosts go live with OnApp cloud management platform

OnApp has deployed its unique cloud management platform at 30 hosting providers in the first eight weeks since its launch – confirming the importance of cloud hosting as the future of the hosting industry. OnApp clients have now deployed more than 50 clouds and 35,000 virtual servers on the platform.

The OnApp cloud platform provides an easy way for a web host to set up, configure and manage a cloud hosting operation using off-the-shelf server and storage hardware. Once the cloud is deployed, OnApp provides simple web-based control of clouds, virtual machines, storage and compute resources, users, billing and more.

“There’s a lot of fluff talked about clouds, but for web hosts it’s a very tangible business issue,” said Carlos Rego, MD of OnApp. “Hosting customers want more control over the services they buy. They want to be able to self-provision and scale those services, quickly and easily. They also need more flexibility in the way they pay for services. Cloud hosting meets this market need, but it presents a technical and a business challenge for the host.”

“That’s where OnApp has a unique proposition. We advise on cloud hosting business models, and provide a turnkey cloud platform designed specifically for hosts: affordable, easy to use, easy to manage and quick to deploy,” he said.

Dediserve is one of the recent converts to OnApp. Dediserve offers a wide range of virtual and dedicated hosting services from its HQ in Dublin’s Digital Hub.

Aidan Mc Carron, Dediserve’s Managing Director, said: “Having reviewed a wide range of cloud management solutions, including investing 6 months in our own solution, we were delighted to deploy OnApp. It answered every requirement we identified, and the credentials of the team involved are second to none, globally.”

In a typical host’s hardware environment, OnApp can set up a cloud in about one day. Once a cloud is deployed, it can take as little as 60 seconds for the host to set up a virtual machine and provision a cloud-based service to a customer. OnApp gives hosts a free license for 100 CPU cores for one year, after which licensing takes the form of a simple monthly fee per core and per cloud. As a result, OnApp makes it easy and affordable for a provider to start offering cloud hosting services to its customers, without massive up-front licensing costs.

OnApp is one of the fastest growing cloud platforms in the market, with over 35,000 virtual servers deployed on the platform. Designed for the needs of the hosting market, OnApp enables hosting providers to set up public or private clouds based on commodity hardware, and deploy customizable virtual machines in just a few clicks. OnApp uses multi-hypervisor technology (such as Xen and KVM) to ensure complete security and isolation for virtual machines. It also offers unrivalled scalability, with virtualization management that enables service providers to optimize their use of server resources, creating the potential for significant hardware and energy cost savings.

OnApp has offices in the US and Europe, employs more than 40 staff and can be found at www.onapp.com

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