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SMEStorage Adds S3 Compatible API to Enable Access to Many File Clouds

SMEStorage has introduced a S3 compatible API which can be used to access many different Storage Clouds, including Google Storage, Google Docs, RackSpace Cloud Files, DropBox, Microsoft SkyDrive, plus many others.

Previously SMEStorage added CloudDav, which added a ubiquitous WebDav layer over any cloud, even where the underlying Cloud did not support WebDav. This enabled a WebDav entry point for all clouds supported by the SMEStorage gateway.

Providing an S3 compatible API over all supported clouds follows a similar theme, in which the API provides a simple and convenient interface in which to read and write files.

SMEStorage CEO Ian Osborne stated, “WIth the lack of standard in the Cloud Computing space we are attempting to provide our users with access and interfaces that are as close to being a standard without officially being ratified. We started this with CloudDav, and we have continued with the release of the S3 compatible API.”

Osborne continued, “Our users can use existing tools to get access to a multitude of clouds that our gateway supports or they can choose to use our own. We are trying to provide an eco-system in which users have the choice of what they want to use and how they want to access and interact with their data. Users can use tooling that supports S3 compatible endpoints to access their data via our Cloud Gateway.”

As well as sophisticated API access points SMEStorage provides Windows, Mac and Linux Cloud Drives for many storage clouds as well as iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry mobile clients.

About SMEStorage:

SMEStorage provides provide a cloud storage gateway in which file meta-data is synchronised, but all files continue to reside on the original storage platform. In this way SMEStorage can offer value added services and clients to existing cloud storage providers, whilst also providing a single cloud file system which enables files from many different cloud storage providers to be managed in one cloud file tree.

SMEStorage provide services to individual users, and also to corporate users via its Organisation ‘FileServer in the Cloud’ platform offering, which combines file sharing, user management and collaboration features.

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