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Cisco Unveils Safety and Security Solutions

As part of the Cisco® Smart+Connected Communities initiative, Cisco today announced a series of safety and security product innovations powered by a comprehensive medianet architecture to help cities, enterprises, small businesses and partners transform the way they protect people, property and critical infrastructure. Safety and security are pillars of Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities strategy for supporting regional transformation at the economic, social and environmental levels.

Today’s announcement introduces enhancements to several Cisco services designed to help customers transition to IP-based safety and security systems. These include:

Updates to the Cisco Physical Access Manager, Cisco’s application for managing integrated security operations on an IP network. Cisco Physical Access Manager integrates hardware such as door readers, locks and biometric devices on campus environments and office buildings, providing a platform for integration with other IT systems.
Enhancements to the Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS), Cisco’s complete IP-based dispatch and incident response solution.
A comprehensive Network Readiness Assessment service for IP Video Surveillance that will help Cisco channel partners to evaluate and better plan their customers’ network capabilities to support standard and high-definition video surveillance solutions.

The new solutions will help meet increasing demands of public and private sector organizations to efficiently and effectively support threat mitigation, crisis collaboration and situational awareness.

The integrated safety and security solution not only offers advanced video surveillance capabilities but also takes advantage of integration with medianet network-based services to support optimal end-to-end video quality while automating many aspects of configuration and deployment.

By delivering server capabilities to the network edge and integrating device and alert alarms with IP-based dispatch and incidence response, these solutions help to address a growing range of threats and challenges that can impact supply chains and economies.


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