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Imtech to supply ‘green’ data centres for BT Benelux and BT Germany

Imtech N.V. (technical services provider in Europe) announces that it will supply the technical infrastructure in ‘green’ data centres for BT in the Netherlands and BT in Germany. Imtech will provide a total solution on the basis of Design, Build & Maintain. CO2 emissions will be reduced by 40%.

Imtech’s CEO René van der Bruggen: ‘The sharply increased bandwidth of information streams, the increasing intensity of data traffic and by the market desired improvements in performance and security mean that telecommunications and IT providers are investing in improving and expanding data capacity. At the same time, the demands on the environment are increasing dramatically. Data centres, which necessarily require significant amounts of energy, must become as ‘green’ as possible. Imtech offers total solutions for ‘green’ data centre technology. This order proves that Imtech is becoming one of the strongest technical players in the fast growing market for ‘green’ data centres in Europe.’

Imtech’s total solution for data centres
In order to help BT offer its customers the best and most sustainable IT and telecommunication services possible, the focus in the new data centre will be on ‘cloud-based computing’ (sharing computer infrastructure), high-tech network IT services based on virtualisation (optimising data use and storage) and an extremely energy-efficient ‘green’ IT infrastructure. For BT’s customers this will facilitate cost savings as well as performance and efficiency enhancements with a high level of security and IT protection. At the same time, the sustainability level will be noticeably increased. Imtech guarantees an optimally energy-efficient data centre with a small footprint in terms of CO2 and other detrimental greenhouse gases. To achieve all of this, Imtech will provide the basic design both for the building and for the technology, the detail engineering and the implementation of all modular technical solutions. In addition, Imtech will maintain these data centres for a period of ten years. The data centres will go into operation during 2011.

‘Green’ technology
BT tasked Imtech with the design, build and management of day-to-day maintenance of the new data centre capacity, The new facilities will be amongst the first to meet the standards in the EU’s ‘Code of Conduct’, which provides guidelines for data centre energy management. To make that possible, the data centres will use efficient power supplies, a state-of-the-art energy management and cooling system, as well as integrated electrical and mechanical solutions. The aim is to achieve Energy Usage Efficiency (EUE) rates that are below the recommended guidelines, resulting in a very small footprint in terms of CO2 and other detrimental greenhouse gases.

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