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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Heart Internet Announces goMobi Mobile Website Builder

Heart Internet, one of the UK’s leading web hosting companies, has announced the launch of their brand new mobile website builder software called ‘goMobi’. Designed to complement existing websites, the software allows webmasters to create a version of their website optimised for a mobile device’s small screen and navigation interface.

Compatible with any domain name, goMobi uses a familiar icon-driven interface to help users find the information they want as quickly as possible, with automatic device detection ensuring the correct version of the website is shown based on the device being used.

“A website optimised for mobile phones means faster page load times, reduced bounce rates and increased conversion rates” said Heart Internet director Jonathan Brealey. “goMobi is ideal for first time users, using a set up wizard to guide them quickly and easily through the process. Additionally, it offers a rich set of capabilities for more advanced or experienced users that can be accessed as needed.”

Priced at £3.99 per month, goMobi can be used in parallel with an existing website or set up as a standalone website. For more information visit Heart Internet’s website http://www.heartinternet.co.uk/web-hosting/mobile-website-builder.html.

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