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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

UK2 Offers Sponsorship for up to 50 Charities

UK2.net has launched a charity drive whereby they are offering web hosting sponsorship for up to 50 charities within the UK. Their blog – http://www.uk2.net/blog – states they are prepared to provide a domain name, web hosting and dedicated servers to help power and run charity organisations’ web sites. From basic sites right through to fully automated e-commerce sites, UK2’s product range and web hosting experience will support any requirement.

UK2.net have allocated a section of their data centre to the cause and will be able to support 50 organisations, all of whom will have access to a number of dedicated servers depending on what they require. Charities could save up to £1000 / year by joining UK2’s charity drive.

In addition to the products UK2.net offer they’ll also provide charities with 24/7 round the clock support, UK Based telephone support, one-click installers, site builder and Free SSL Certificates. UK2 will list the charity in their business directory as well as creating a Charity Sponsorship page where they will display the variety of charities they sponsor, including screenshots and links to their site, for users to view and find out more.

Craig McCartney, UK2’s marketing communications exec, stated: “We are often contacted by charities enquiring about sponsorship. We thought we’d take the initiative and go one step further by offering our products and services to these amazingly compassionate organisations – it really is the least we can do. Hopefully we can help to create, maintain and support them in their bid to running successful and effective websites which will help to go a long way in the support of their cause.”

This act of good will from one of the UK’s leading web hosting company is a breath of fresh country air and it shows that UK2 are passionate about the organisations and people within their industry. Craig added: “This is a great project for us as it helps to build a positive brand image and shows our customers that we are human too and are prepared to give back to the hundreds of people who are out there trying to build a bigger, brighter future for all.”

If you are a charity or are looking to start a website for a charity please be sure to have a look at UK2.net’s blog for details.


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