Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

FireHost Customers Get Real-Time View of Their Blocked Hacker Attacks

FireHost, Inc., is giving customers a front row seat to view and understand how the company blocks website attacks. The new Security View feature is part of FireHost’s customer portal, and it allows customers to see blocked attacks against their websites and applications. Hacks can be seen by specific type, date, and originating region. The Security View feature is available for no charge to their customers and demonstrates FireHost’s commitment to total transparency and superior security.

“We are so confident in our ability to block cybercrime that we’re opening the curtain and inviting our customers to see how well we protect their websites,” said Chris Drake, CEO and founder of FireHost. “Most companies don’t realize how many attackers attempt to breach their websites and applications on a daily basis. Security View exposes the reality of cybercrime and lets our customers know we’re really looking out for them.”

Security View gives customers the option to see topical information about the blocked attacks, such as the specific kind of attack and its origin. This level of awareness will help businesses position themselves publicly as security-conscious organizations.

I moved to FireHost after my website was hacked and my reputation was compromised. Security View has helped me realize my website was incredibly unsafe with my other host. I had no idea these vulnerabilities existed; Security View has really opened my eyes and reassured me that FireHost can block hackers,” said Karl Swedeberg, founder of LearningJQuery.com.

Currently within the customer portal, clients can access real-time server metrics, including storage usage, backups, processor performance, memory usage, bandwidth consumption and more by hour, day, week, month and year. In addition, FireHost has provided customers the ability to reboot and shutdown/startup their Secure Servers as needed without contacting a support engineer. This level of visibility and control helps clients anticipate how their Web and data base applications will perform under a variety of operating conditions.

The idea that all Web applications deserve security, transparency and superior performance is a foundational principle of FireHost. Through virtualization, the secure hosting provider is able to deliver this luxury to more businesses, regardless of size and budget. FireHost is now one of the fastest growing secure Web hosts with a stellar reputation for offering managed hosting to Ecommerce, SaaS, healthcare IT, and security companies.

About FireHost, Inc.

FireHost, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas-based secure managed hosting company that delivers Web hosting solutions to Ecommerce, SaaS, healthcare IT, and security companies. Specializing in protecting websites with compliance and high traffic needs, FireHost makes hacker awareness, management and prevention a standard part of every hosting plan. Advanced security combined with a comprehensive portfolio of hosting solutions helps FireHost protect companies of all sizes from threats to their websites, Web applications, and other valuable data.


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