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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Joyent Introduces SmartDataCenter 6 Cloud Operating System

Joyent, announced SmartDataCenter 6, the newest version of its cloud operating system, an integrated suite of software and services designed for Service Providers and Enterprises to launch and operate public, private and hybrid clouds. Joyent was recently positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Visionaries Quadrant of the 2010 Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) and Web Hosting Magic Quadrant.

“Service Providers that want to capture part of the growing cloud market need the most experienced supplier with the most efficient and fully built-out cloud operating system, services and standard operating procedures available,” said David Young, CEO, Joyent. “Joyent is the only cloud software company that has run a public cloud for six years and makes its software available to companies that want to benefit from our knowledge and experience when they set up their own clouds. Other software companies are just now releasing completely untested 1.0 solutions.”

SmartDataCenter is the cloud operating system for the data center that is used by thousands of customers on JoyentCloud.com (Joyent’s public cloud) and Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS). Service Providers deploying SmartDataCenter 6 are able to manage the compute, storage, and network of multi-tenant cloud environments through a single development platform that enables the data center to work like a single unified computer allowing for optimal data center management.

Capabilities include:

Complete automation of the data center, with virtualization that supports complex, multi-device architectures, virtual LANS, load balancing, routing, virtual private networks (VPNs), and more;
Customer management that includes a web-based portal to manage the entire collection of cloud services;
Proven scalability that delivers unlimited scalability in a multi-tenant cloud environment across numerous physical data centers;
High utilization above 70% for CPU and nearly 100% for memory, as proven with the installation of SmartDataCenter for JoyentCloud.com since 2004;
Extensible resource-oriented architecture that allows adding, removing, or introducing new capabilities and resources without disrupting a production installation of SmartDataCenter;
Tiered administration and billing that is ideal for multi-tenant configurations;
Cloud management guidelines that include standard operating procedures developed over six years of Joyent public cloud operations;
Sales, marketing and technical enablement that include marketing toolkit and sales workshops.
Unlike other cloud software providers who employ inefficient operating system virtualization, Joyent uses lightweight virtualization for web stacks (e.g. PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails), delivering as much as 70% higher utilization rates – and hence decreasing costs and increasing profit margins. Deployment of SmartDataCenter 6 enables Service Providers not only to withstand downward pressure on profitability as the rest of the cloud services industry (which is based on commoditized, antiquated technology) competes on price, but to increase margins as they offer a higher level of service to customers.

Dell was the first customer to license Joyent’s SmartDataCenter software in March 2010 and the company currently delivers public and private cloud services to its customers. In addition, Joyent serves China Cache, a Service Provider in mainland China using SmartDataCenter to deliver customers the latest in cloud services. Uniserve, a provider of managed hosting and colocation services in Canada, is the latest to use Joyent’s SmartDataCenter 6 as part of the DCS solution to deliver public cloud services to its customers.

SmartDataCenter 6 will be generally available in March 2011, though service providers can currently get access to the technologies through Joyent and its partners.
To learn more about SmartDataCenter 6, please visit http://www.joyent.com/software/smartdatacenter/

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