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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Streaming21 Launches Media Relay Server 2.5 for Android Devices, iPhone, and iPad

Streaming21, Inc., a leader in broadcast-quality media streaming solutions announced today the latest Media Relay Server version 2.5 release which supports next generation IPv6 protocol stack in addition to existing IPv4 networks concurrently. The latest server release also delivers reliable high-quality broadcast content to smart devices including Google Android-based phones, tablets, and TV in addition to Apple iPhone & iPad.

Streaming21 award-winning IP broadcasting solution, Media Relay Server 2.5, provides a full suite of functionality for broadcasting reliable live TV channels and live events to televisions and connected mobile devices over public Internet with broadcast video quality in both standard and high definitions. The latest release includes the following new and enhanced features:

Global Delivery to Any Device: The server enables a global delivery of live TV broadcast channels thru public broadband network to any connected devices including Smart TV, PC, Android powered devices, and Apple iPhone & iPad. Multiple servers can be cascaded to bridge disjointed distribution networks and deliver content in real time.

Simulated Multicast Delivery: The server offers innovative application-level multicast simulation to deliver broadcast content to thousands of viewers concurrently from a single server. It enables broadcast delivery thru open Internet environment.
Support IPv4 & IPv6 Concurrently: The latest release offers both IPv4 and IPv6 unicast protocols, multicast IPv4 (IGMP v1, v2, and v3), and IPv6 (MLD v1 and v2). The new features address the need of IPv6 migration because of quickly depleting IPv4 name space.

Firewall Penetration & QoS Flow Control: The latest release offers new protocol support of RTSP/RTP/TCP to ensure penetration of client side firewall in addition to existing RTSP/RTP/UDP and HTTP support. Patented rate-based flow control enhances further a reliable delivery of broadcast content thru unexpected network instability.

Dual Server Cluster with Easy Service Expansion: The single server running on RedHat Enterprise or CentOS 5.5 can sustain hundreds of live channels delivered to thousands of concurrent viewers. A standby server can offer best service fault-tolerance capability to ensure carrier-grade serviceability.

Encoder and Management Tools: The server is compatible with most hardware and software encoders including Tandberg, Harmonic, Envivio, Scopus, PBI, Mcomms, and Elecard. It includes a full set of management and configuration tools. The server is available immediately. Please contact [email protected] for product details.

About Streaming21
Streaming21’s broadcast and media-on-demand software solutions deliver broadcast-quality video and audio over IP networks. Built upon a revolutionary architecture, for which nine patents have been filed, Streaming21’s solution enables the deployment of rich-media services with carrier-class scalability, 24/7 operations, and broadcast-quality delivery. The solution uses off-the-shelf hardware to lower the total cost of the solution and its software is optimized to support more users and media files with fewer servers as well as less storage, and personnel. The platform is open and flexible to readily integrate value-added services. To learn more about Streaming21’s solutions and industry leading partners, please send email to [email protected], call +886-2-2500-0680, or visit www.streaming21.com

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