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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

vzaar Announces Unlimited Online Video Storage

Businesses can now host and share thousands of online eCommerce, corporate and product demo videos without paying extra fees

vzaar (http://www.vzaar.com), the leading business video hosting service, today announced they are providing unlimited online video storage for their larger business video customers.

Unlike most online video platforms that charge extra for storing and hosting product demonstration, eCommerce, corporate communications, and other types of business videos, vzaar is now providing free unlimited video storage as part of its business video hosting packages for companies with lots of content and lots of traffic.

“Who wants to pay attention to storage limits and pay added fees” explains Stephen McCluskey, CEO of vzaar. “Providing unlimited storage gives more freedom to our business customers who don’t need the added hassle of managing the amount of content they have on their vzaar account.”

Whether distributing popular viral videos or a large collection of long tail videos, vzaar enables a business to post the videos and then relax. By charging only for playback bandwidth – the amount of video bandwidth actually transferred – vzaar makes it easy and affordable for businesses to use video to sell, educate and communicate.

“Since 2009, we have been using the vzaar video platform to process, manage and deliver our seasonal fashion collection and brand videos” says Kayley Pearce, E-Commerce Marketing Manager of Bench, the leading Streetwear brand. “vzaar’s unlimited video hosting and straight forward pricing model allows us to easily measure our online video ROI”

About vzaar

vzaar is an online video hosting service for businesses with video content they need published online. Unlike other free services, this premium service offers its customers complete control and ownership of their content. The company has positioned itself as a professional video hosting service providing a low cost service with an easy to use interface and serves about over 1,500 companies worldwide.

Founded in 2007, vzaar has its Headquarters in London, United Kingdom. For more information visit http://vzaar.com

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