Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

2MakeaWebsite.com Announces Domain Registration Tutorial

2makeawebsite.com announce the addition of a new tutorial – How to Register a Domain Name – to its website. The new tutorial shows the domain registration process to beginners in a short, easy to understand three step format. For people who are unfamiliar or unsure of the registration process the tutorial makes registering a domain name simple and understandable.

The Registering a Domain Name tutorial is an addition to the numerous tutorials and informational guides already available on the 2makeawebsite.com website. The How to Make a Website tutorial is the most popular tutorial and provides beginners with an easy to follow ‘making a website’ guide. The new How to Register a Domain Name guide provides more detail for beginners who are just starting the process of building a website.

The How to Register a Domain Name tutorial benefits beginners not only seeking to build a website but also persons interested in learning how to make a blog site. Domain name registration is a requirement for both a blog site and website and the new tutorial will help provide assistance to those beginners who want to know everything about each stage of the process. The short tutorial gives an overview of the process without being overwhelming to those beginners who may not be technically adept.

“The new Registering a Domain Name tutorial was set up to help beginners interested in building a website or blog understand that aspect of the process a bit better,” said Kip Graham, owner of 2MakeaWebsite.com. “It’s a way to make it easy for non-techies to quickly and easily get their website or blog operational as well as let them know the important things they need to know so they don’t make a mistake initially that will hurt them later on.”

As part of the How to Register a Domain Name tutorial, there is also a link to a separate program that provides access to a free web domain search that lets visitors check domain availability. This program allows visitors to check on the availability of a web domain name that they are interested in quickly and easily. It’s a way for beginners to get comfortable with the domain registration process while within the framework of the Registering a Domain Name tutorial.

2MakeaWebsite.com is a leading provider of how-to information and tutorials to beginners seeking to create, develop and grow their own internet presence. It breaks down complicated information into a series of small, basic steps that a beginner can follow at his or her own pace.

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