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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Bolt Web Hosting Launches WHM / cPanel Scalable Reseller Hosting Plans

Bolt Web Hosting has announced scalable reseller hosting plans have been added to their hosting services. Reseller hosting plans allow customers to act as a web hosting company by selling server space and bandwidth on behalf of the hosting provider.

“Until now, we’ve been focused solely on shared web hosting,” Christian Little, CEO of Bolt Web Hosting reports. “We’ve wanted to offer reseller plans for a while. We get several requests each week from customers that have actually gone to other hosting companies because they either outgrew their shared hosting plans or they wanted to get into the hosting business themselves.”

Their new reseller plans range in price from $14.99/month to $75.99/month depending on the amount of space and bandwidth the reseller requires (ranging from 25GB storage and 250GB bandwidth all the way up to 250GB storage and 2.5TB bandwidth). Resellers will be able to offer the powerful cPanel control panel to their customers, and be able to manage their customers through a central WHM Reseller panel.

“We wanted to ensure we offer a variety of plans suited to all levels of hosting reseller, so we’ve created ten reseller plans that should cover it quite nicely,” Little claims. “Included with this new product are two optional services that will empower hosting resellers even further – White Label Branding and End User Support. Customers may select if they want either of these services when purchasing their reseller hosting plan.”

White Label Branding allows resellers to essentially hide who they are reselling from by establishing custom name servers instead of using Bolt’s name servers.

Christian Little states, “While we had thought about offering this as a standard feature with all our reseller plans, it does cost us money to setup as it requires assigning two dedicated IP addresses to be used for private name servers for each reseller. And with the imminent shortage of IP addresses until IPv6 is standard practice, we’ve decided to offer it as a premium feature. This lets us put a lower price on our reseller plans and customers that want private name servers can get pay a small fee to get them.”

End User Support allows resellers to have Bolt Web Hosting provide support to their customers so they don’t have to.

“We have support staff working 24 / 7 for our existing customers already, so it makes sense to offer this feature to our resellers who may not have the time or skills needed to provide support to their customers,” explains Little. “Most resellers have the skills and resources to handle support requests, so we’re offering it as an extra feature for resellers that want it while keeping costs lower for resellers that can provide their own support.”

Bolt Web Hosting reseller hosting plans cover a wide spread of bandwidth and storage space, enabling anybody to start small and scale up their operations with a few clicks of their mouse. Additionally, their plans are approximately 15-20% cheaper than most reseller plans offered by competitors with similar features.

Bolt’s reseller plans can be found on their website at the following URL: http://www.boltwebhosting.com/reseller-hosting

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