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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

PSSC Labs Announces Small Footprint Supercomputer for Cloud Computing and Other Hosted Solutions

PSSC Labs introduces dual server supercomputer technology.

High Performance Cluster Computing – With over 1000 PowerWulf Cluster configurations delivered to 35+ countries, PSSC Labs is the world’s leader in turn-key high performance clusters. The POWERSERVE DUO TI2000 high density servers can be configured as a supercomputer application cluster. PSSC Labs has configured Government and University supercomputer clusters to run applications for Life Science (Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry), Weather Modeling (MM5 and WRF), Design and Engineering (CFD) and Oil and Gas Reservoir Modeling.

Cloud Computing – High density, scalability, reliability and virtualization are core characteristics in building a cloud computing server environment. The Powerserve Duo TI2000 offers a unique 1U side by side server design combined with eco-friendly and power saving features. This unique server architecture focuses on conserving energy and reducing the overall datacenter footprint to produce the lowest total cost of ownership.

High Density Server Environment – Computing facilities are requiring ultra dense configurations due to limited datacenter space. The POWERSERVE DUO TI2000 offers two complete high performance servers in just 1U of rack space. Each server is totally independent allowing you the greatest flexibility. One server can be configured with AMD® Opteron® processors and the other with Intel® Xeon® processors. Flexibility and performance in such a small form factor is unprecedented.

Green Computing Environment – With 55% recyclable metal and power saving features, the POWERSERVE DUO TI2000 is the World’s eco-friendliest server. Never before has a server offered the ability to reuse 55% of the metal for upgrades and modifications. Reducing carbon emissions, limiting power usage and saving costs are core features found only in the POWERSERVE DUO TI2000.

Fail Over / Redundancy Ccomputing – The Powerserve Duo TI2000 is ideal for mission critical environments. With two completely independent servers you can create a totally redundant server in just 1U of rack space. No other server offers this capability.

Virtualization Software – PSSC Labs has certified both VMWare and Xen virtualization software products to run on the POWERSERVE DUO TI2000. In 1U of rack space you can pack 48 processor cores and 192GB of memory. This server is ideal for virtualization environments involved in data center consolidation, disaster recovery, server hosting or for your testing & development stage computing.


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