Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Packaged Hosting Offers Affordable Hosting In Four Countries

Packaged Hosting is now providing affordable hosting options for four countries; Australia, US, UK, and Sweden. The packages start as low as AU$5. The sites are hosted on modern high end equipment. Every business wants to make profit. These days, to make a business’s presence felt in the market, it is essential to have a website. Packaged Hosting understands this need of businesses and therefore offers inexpensive packages for companies and individuals. The company feels that having a website means the business can become globally accessible. The company goes all out to help its clients get started if they are new to the world of web. The company offers some useful packages that include setting up of domain names free website builder, marketing and site administration tools, multi-lingual control panels, and pre-installed free scripts.

The first step is to select a domain name. Domain name is the title-address of a website so that a website or a business is easily identifiable in the maze of millions of websites. Clients who already have a domain name but want to shift to a different host can also take the company’s services. Packaged Hosting can help its clients shift to a new and reasonable hosting in just three easy steps. The clients also get help with domain transfer and all the facilities that the clients who get a new domain name from the company get.

Once the domain name is finalized, the next step is to get a good web hosting plan. The company has shared packages for hosting for its clients. They are of the best quality and very simple to use. They work using a multi-functional and multi-lingual web hosting control panel. The company promises excellent quality because of its outstanding servers located in the US and UK Data Centers and company’s 24/7 support.

The domains should be exclusive to a company so that it stands out in the crowd. The website should have a unique address. It should convey to the visitors what the business is all about and how it will help them. Packaged Hosting has a huge variety of TLDs to choose from. The clients can choose their website names from this huge list. If the clients already have a domain name for their website, they can transfer it to Packaged Hosting or host it as an existing domain. The clients can choose from various hosting packages from the company too.

This would ensure adequate web space and resources for the client’s website. The company has many plans and offerings and the clients can choose the plan that suits their business and personal requirements the best. The plans can be chosen based on the special features and volume quotas. Clients can also use the company’s dynamic marketing and web content tools which are additional with each package. The packages help a business create its online presence.

The company has been in the web hosting business for the past four years now. They have knowledge and experience about this business. Packaged Hosting works in collaboration with LiquidNet Ltd., a UK-based company to provide innovative and affordable hostingand cheap domain names solutions for the clients. Clients should choose the company to make their online presence felt, to take advantage of the competitive prices, and for reliable and high speed server network.


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