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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Cloud.com Partners with Symplified Cloud Security

Cloud.com, a provider of open source cloud computing solutions, and Symplified, the cloud security company, have announced a partnership to provide service providers with single sign-on (SSO) capabilities to increase end-user satisfaction and reduce management costs.

The partnership will combine Symplified™ and Cloud.com CloudStack™ to enable service providers to deliver robust identity and access management (IAM) security and integration capabilities within their offerings, making them more ‘enterprise ready’ and suitable for larger organizations.

“For service providers with public cloud offerings, single sign-on, access control and user management become critical capabilities they must provide to their customers,” said Eric Olden, CEO at Symplified. “By combining our identity and access management service with Cloud.com’s comprehensive open source platform, we can deliver secure SSO along with other core cloud management functions, including end-user self administration, service offering management, and billing and reporting.”

Identity and access management plays an important part in the enterprise adoption of cloud computing as it solves the security, compliance and regulatory needs of the enterprise customer. The Cloud.com – Symplified solution enables cloud services providers to offer high-value, differentiated IAM capabilities that solve these enterprise needs, while at the same time helping providers avoid commoditization within their space.

“The increase in demand for public cloud services continues to reflect the growing interest from enterprise customers adopting the cloud as part of their global IT strategy,” said Peder Ulander, CMO at Cloud.com. “In order for service providers to take advantage of this market demand, certain management capabilities are needed including SSO. Our partnership with Symplified ensures that security at all levels — including entry, exit, and access to applications — is met simply and securely.”

Recognizing that organizations currently face a daunting task when trying to build their own infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud environment, Cloud.com provides service providers with the fastest path to delivering their own cloud services by providing the latest and the most advanced software platform for building highly scalable, highly reliable cloud computing environments. Cloud.com currently enables over 50 large-scale production clouds in deployment that have been built on its market-leading open source cloud computing solution including KT, Tata Communications, Nokia Research Center, GreenQloud and Logicworks. Cloud.com technologies can be deployed on-premise or as hosted cloud services.

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