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Domain Registrar 123-Reg Expects Flurry of Registrations Leading Up to Royal Wedding

123-reg the UK’s number one domain registrar is preparing for an influx of wedding and Royal-themed URL registrations during April, as consumers and businesses look set to capitalise on the Royal nuptials. The company has also launched a just for fun quiz www.canimarryharry.com.

The company, which to date has registered over 2.8 million URLs, consistently sees an upturn in the purchase of domain names when a big event happens or announcement is made. The death of Michael Jackson in June 2009 provides one such example. Domains such as michaeljacksonisdead.co.uk and jacksontribute.com were registered on the day that the global superstar died – these and others were later listed for sale on eBay – illustrating that there are commercial benefits to be had in the buying and selling of URLs.

123-reg is also expecting, due to the number of street events and parties planned, that a large majority of the domain registrations will be for the development of temporary websites detailing what communities around the country are doing to commemorate the big day.
Thomas Vollrath, CEO of 123-reg, explains: “You can’t open a newspaper at the moment without being inundated with news about the wedding of William and Kate – be it who is designing Kate’s dress, novelty memorabilia to mark the occasion or giant cakes adorning the couple’s faces. For every business that develops a proposition relating to the pair, a wedding domain is required.

“Similarly, anyone who wants to attend a party on April 29th, is most likely to visit the internet for background on what is happening in their village, town or city. So, if they haven’t already done it, party planners will be snapping up domains relevant to their events.”
For anyone interested in registering a domain, visit www.123-reg.co.uk

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