Legends Business Group to Move Its Website and Email Services to ThinkHost

Legends Business Group announced it is moving their main domains hosting service to ThinkHost, a progressive hosting company powered by 100% renewable energy. Legends Power President, Rolando Sablon, said it would be remiss of the Company not to be associated with a firm that espouses the same environmental precepts.

“It would be hypocritical of Legends not to source these critically important functions to a firm that has been a pioneer in high quality, web hosting services powered by 100 percent renewable energy,” said Sablon. “It’s our company policy to align with vendors that are as equally committed to help save our planet. It is not only our mission to promote renewable energy products but participate in its commitment to the environment by moving as many of our services off the grid.”

Sablon said Legends plans to transition to ThinkHost’s carbon-neutral green web hosting platform by the end of the month.

ThinkHost was founded in 1999. It has constantly strived to be an evolving and improving, socially-responsible company, providing the very best green web hosting services, and dedicated to playing its part in making this world a better place for all.

ThinkHost offers green web hosting powered by renewable wind and solar energy over a world-class outsourced network. The Company is a leader in environmentally friendly web hosting. They specialize in extremely reliable, well-supported hosting solutions for non-profits, community groups, and small and medium sized businesses worldwide.

About Legends Business Group

Legends Business Group, Inc., was incorporated in March 2006, and is a publicly traded company. The company has recently refocused its purpose and has moved itself into the alternative and exotic energy marketplace. For more information please visit: http://www.legendspower.com

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