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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

NetEvidence Upgrades Network and Cloud Visibility

NetEvidence has announced a major upgrade to its Highlight network and application monitoring tool with the Service Assurance Cloud – making it quick and simple for organisations to connect their enterprise IT with new cloud-based services. It also enables their Service Providers to prove that these new cloud services are being delivered effectively.

Through its clear and graphical format, Highlight now makes the cloud a fully auditable environment by providing total visibility of all cloud services such as networks, VoIP, email and CRM. Already used by many FTSE 100 companies, Highlight will become an essential tool for service level assurance as more enterprises move their applications to the cloud.

Through Highlight, the relationship between service providers and enterprises is strengthened since both can share the easy-to-understand information about network and application performance. Benefits include enabling everyone in the service delivery chain to prove that service level agreements (SLAs) are being met.

For example, an enterprise may currently have only a single service provider delivering its network. But as it moves more applications to the cloud, it may end up with multiple suppliers and multiple SLAs. Highlight takes the complexity out of SLA management by providing a single, simple structure through which all parties can communicate.

Richard Thomas, CEO of NetEvidence, says: “As enterprises take to the cloud in larger numbers, service assurance has to be really easy to understand, and that’s what Highlight is all about. It’s designed to work at a business level, so managers don’t have to wade through reams of technical data. Highlight delivers information that has the dual virtues of engineering quality and management clarity.”

Highlight was created in 2000 as a service with no software or hardware to install. Thus cloud enabled from the outset, Highlight delivers a future-proof platform that caters for all enterprise IT, whether in or out of the cloud. And as a multi-tenant and multi-level service since day one, Service Providers, both large and small (such as Verizon, Telstra and Claranet), can build Highlight into their own systems to deliver both clarity and openness to customers in a format that everyone can understand.

Richard Thomas adds: “As an independent and trusted source of information, Highlight provides neutral ground on which an enterprise and its service providers can work as partners in a drive for continuous improvement. As more and more organisations and service providers around the world adopt Highlight, we aim to make it the industry standard for service assurance within the next two years.”


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