Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

FireHost Mission Critical Web Hosting

FireHost has now moved their entire company into a mission critical office space that is designed to ensure clients’ websites and applications are protected from both online and offline threats. The new office is equipped with hospital-grade redundancy, backup generators, multiple Internet providers, secure keycard access control, video surveillance, and a fully operational internal data center. This level of protection will help keep FireHost’s operations running smoothly, and customers’ data safe, even during unforeseen events.

“Other hosts might think having a mission critical office is an unnecessary precaution. Our belief is that when it comes to protecting information like credit cards and medical records, no precaution should be overlooked,” said Chris Drake, CEO and founder of FireHost. “Businesses come to FireHost specifically because they know our greatest priority is the security of their data and their customers’ data. This is just another way for us to make good on that promise.”

Not all security breaches to online data actually happen in an online environment. In fact, offline data breaches account for a growing number of security threats. These include: data stolen by unauthorized persons within a facility, power loss, and mobile vulnerabilities. FireHost’s new office is designed to address these and other offline threats, giving customers ultimate peace of mind. FireHost also is taking occupancy of a new data center facility with mission critical infrastructure and redundancy.

The move into the new, larger office space is also part of FireHost’s expansion to accommodate its quickly growing team. Earlier this month, FireHost announced the addition of a new COO, Bruce McFadyen, who has deep experience in helping fast growth companies implement organizational and financial processes that minimize growing pains. The company is robustly hiring in all departments including networking, development, customer support, sales and marketing.

FireHost is now one of the fastest growing secure Web hosting companies, serving businesses in over 20 countries. FireHost specializes in offering managed hosting to Ecommerce, SaaS, healthcare IT, and security companies.

About FireHost, Inc.
FireHost, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas-based secure managed hosting company that delivers Web hosting solutions to Ecommerce, SaaS, healthcare IT, and security companies. Specializing in protecting websites with compliance and high traffic needs, FireHost makes hacker awareness, management and prevention a standard part of every hosting plan. Advanced security combined with a comprehensive portfolio of hosting solutions helps FireHost protect companies of all sizes from threats to their websites, Web applications, and other valuable data.

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