Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

HostGee to Offer CloudLinux on VPS and Dedicated Servers

Cloud Linux Inc., announces that HostGee, a leading global Web Hosting organization, will begin to offer CloudLinux on all of its VPS and dedicated servers. HostGee is one of the largest providers of managed hosting services and has a global presence with Three international offices and data centers in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, USA. With a reputation for expert customer service and quality products, HostGee selected CloudLinux to deliver improved performance, security and reliability to its customers.

“HostGee is very pleased to offer CloudLinux,” states Shafiq Ur Rehman, CEO/Founder of HostGee. “As a managed hosting provider we are always looking for quality products that will help us increase efficiency and stability as well as improve the overall performance from our servers. We deployed CloudLinux on our shared hosting servers, and we have seen immediate improvement in reliability. Now we want to offer the same solution to our dedicated server customers.”

CloudLinux’s core technology is Lightweight Virtual Environment™, a kernel-level technology that limits the amount of resources (CPU, concurrent processes) available to a group of processes. While similar to container type virtualization technology, LVE is completely transparent and lightweight. Once installed, the LVE works transparently to manage resources that the hosting provider sets for the accounts on a server. It controls the CPU resources to ensure that each account on a shared server is allocated enough resources to run efficiently without jeopardizing the other tenants on that server, making the server more stable and delivering better performance.

With LVE technology, CloudLinux can deliver performance, reliability and operational benefits for hosting providers including:

Increased uptime since no one account can slow down or take down an entire shared server
Better reliability and performance with a server that is running at peak operating capacity
Better control over CPU resources
Increased density so you can host more tenants on one server.
Compatibility with all major control panels for easy management

“Cloud Linux understands the needs of hosting providers in delivering secure, reliable, high performance services to their clients,” states Igor Seletskiy, Cloud Linux Founder and CEO. “Our proven technology can help global providers like HostGee differentiate their services from their competition and deliver quality products to their customers.”

CloudLinux is priced to support all types of hosting providers and is available at a tiered retail monthly price based on the number of servers under management. The CloudLinux Partner Program offers discounts and more competitive pricing and a support model designed to meet the specific requirements of hosting companies as well as an opportunity to leverage the CloudLinux brand.

For more information, please visit www.cloudlinux.com

About HostGee.Com Corporation

HostGee Corporation provides domain name registration, Web hosting and ecommerce, colocation, managed dedicated hosting, SaaS hosting, Web design and online marketing services to over 1 Hundred Thousand Web sites and 80,000 customers worldwide. It operates over 250,191 square feet of state-of-the-art data centers that reduce the complexity and cost of Web-based technologies for small businesses and large enterprises. Founded in 2009, HostGee is one of the world’s largest Web hosting companies with a direct presence in 3 countries, 3 worldwide operation centers and more than 150 employees.
please visit http://www.hostgee.com

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