Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

IPHostMonitor Inc. Announces IPHost Network Monitor v3.1

IPHostMonitor Inc. announces a new version (v3.1) of IPHost Network Monitor available immediately for download.

This piece of software can be used for constant support of IT systems, prompt detection and quick disposing of various flaws and faults in IT infrastructure. Most notable improvements introduced in the new version include Web Transaction monitor enhanced functionality, SNMP Traps for real-time alerting, and a number of enhancements requested by IPHost Network Monitor users.

Web Transaction Monitoring simulates human user’s actions and therefore is widely used by Web administrators and site owners to monitor availability and consistency of Web resources: corporate sites, e-shops and all the other kind of sites in existence. This function is also useful to control intranet resources, such as corporate portals – to make sure the resources are available through a Web interface.

Hosting providers, Web studios can also benefit from this monitor, to ensure their customers’ sites are available 24/7, to reduce possible downtime and provide all the required functionality. The new version of IPHost Network Monitor enriches playback functionality of recorded Web Transaction Monitors scenarios. Also, ASP.NET-based applications monitoring problem, reported some time ago, has been fixed.

SNMP Traps is a new type of monitoring provided by IPHost Network Monitor. In short: it’s an additional method of receiving immediate notifications about changes in state on the device being monitored. Its primary difference is it doesn’t use regular polling and thus is the optimal tool to receive important notifications without delay, as soon as possible.

SNMP Traps are mostly used to control network switches, hubs, routers and all the other types of computer networking devices.

Along with the functions mentioned above, IPHost Network Monitor includes other useful system administrator tools, such as monitoring Web sites, mail servers, database servers and the other types of devices and services available on the net. Advanced alerting and notification features make it possible to detect upcoming problems in 24/7 mode, thus allowing to prevent possible faults of hardware and software components, including networking facilities, saving valuable time and other resources.

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