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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

ResellerClub Launches The Localization Partner Program

ResellerClub, one of the largest web services providers in the world, launched its Localization Partner Program (http://www.resellerclub.com/localization) with a huge splash attracting 100s of signups in just a few days.
ResellerClub recently opened up its control panels for translation and is inviting a select set of Resellers to work closely with the team to roll out translations in a host of languages.
With interfaces available in Spanish, Turkish etc., ResellerClub has taken its translation efforts one step further. Adopting a collaborative approach, ResellerClub’s localization program engages Partners from across the globe to work on translations in the language of their choice.
“We’ve always ensured internationalization of all content in our control panels as we realize the importance and growing demand for content in the customer’s native language. This program is geared to harness the experience of our global partners – who better than our Partners can decide the best translations to be used in the system”, said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Founder of ResellerClub. “Interfaces in their local languages will enable out Partners to re-affirm their commitment to the local markets & attract the right audience to build a sticky customer base. If you want market penetration and service adoption, you have to localize.”
A crowd-sourcing initiative with a twist, this program ensures quality translations from users that will benefit the most from it. Resellers get to vote in translations that they’d like to see on their interfaces. Coupled with attractive incentive bundles including domain pricing discounts, up to 50% off on hosting purchases and free ad spots on webhosting.info, this program has set the ball rolling for active participation from the ResellerClub Reseller Community.
About ResellerClub:
ResellerClub is a Directi business and boasts of the most comprehensive Product Portfolio including Domain Registration, advanced Web and Email Hosting, Ecommerce modules, Website Builder etc available at the most economical prices existing today. They also provide complete business process automation and a powerful Promo Engine that allows resellers to introduce and pass on promotions, discounts, special packages etc, to their sub-resellers and customers.

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