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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

ISC Introduces 19 Inch RCU Series Rackmount Powerstrips with Remote Outlet Control and Current Monitoring

ISC, Information Support Concepts, Inc. has introduced 20A and 30A Geist RacSense 19″ Rackmount Powerstrips, power distribution units, with remote control of individual on-off outlet control and real time alarming.

According to Kevin Hunt, VP Sales & Marketing, “One of the most important steps a network manager can take to lower their power cost is to shut down ghost servers that are consuming energy but not performing useful work.” “The ability to remotely manage power via rackmount powerstrips can also result in significant labor cost as well.”

The RCU rackmount powerstrip also address several other challenges of today’s datacenters such as the ability to power up or down sequentially, real time information on circuit level power, environmental sensors and security interfaces. For applications that require more than a rackmount powerstrip, vertical powerstrips are available.

About Information Support Concepts, Inc.
ISC is an industry leading provider of rackmount products such as server rack, server cabinet, computer rack, computer cabinet options along with, LAN rack furniture, tech benches, wallmount portable rackmount cases, PDU, UPS, rackmount powerstrip, relay rack, KVM selections and many accessory solutions for the network, IT or telecom professional.


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