Clarity Web Hosting Adds Supermicro 2U Twin Dedicated Server to Lineup

Clarity Web Hosting, a global provider of managed hosting services, is pleased to announce its expansion of their Dedicated Server lineup to include Supermicro 2U Twin Solutions.

The 2U Twin increases the maximum storage capacity per 1U server node 50% by supporting six hot-swap 3.5″ hard disk drives to deliver unprecedented I/O performance. Each 2U Twin system features two hot-plug dual-processor (DP) server nodes and redundant power for high availability. These systems introduces an innovative architecture where the devices are hot-swappable to facilitate ease of maintenance, reduce/eliminate down time, while saving power and space by sharing the same chassis and power supplies. The 2U Twin server features two compute nodes with x16 non-blocking native Gen2 PCI-Express connectivity to the processor and redundant 1400-watt Gold Level (93%+ efficiency) power supplies for maximum availability.

Although the 2U Twin servers are geared towards the enterprise clients who demand high availability and secure solutions for mission critical applications, Clarity Web Hosting also offers a wide range of dedicated servers for small to medium-sized businesses.

Each of Clarity Web Hosting’s dedicated servers is provisioned with an account manager for a smooth transition to encompass the whole solution life cycle from the engineering and deployment, to the ongoing management of the infrastructure. Each solution is backed by 24/7 technical support via phone, ticketing system and email. All hardware maintenance is backed by a one-hour hardware replacement guarantee.

Clarity Web Hosting white glove service approach sets it apart from other hosting providers by providing extraordinary service to clients, regardless of the company’s image or footprint. The “All Hands on Deck” approach offers a glimpse into how the company has gained a reputation of being one of the most reliable hosting providers in Canada.

Clarity employees maintain a vested interest in the company. This is demonstrated through the level of service each client receives. Being a hosting provider is not only about hardware, infrastructure or the latest gadgets, but also the support that is needed to sustain and support customers.

About Clarity Web Hosting
Clarity Web Hosting, formerly known as Remote Solutions, was founded in 1999. It has evolved from a managed IT consulting services provider to a strategic partner for small to medium-sized businesses across Canada and the United States, offering a full line of advanced web hosting services through dedicated servers or collocation. Backed by two top-tier data N+1 data centers in the Greater Toronto Area at 151 Front Street, all infrastructure is highly secure, redundant and offers multiple pathways for fiber connectivity.
For more information, visit the company’s website at

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