Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Connectria Offers Trade-Up Program To Amazon Cloud Customers

Provides a more reliable cloud and personal support over Amazon EC2

Connectria, a global leader in Cloud Computing, Managed Hosting and Complex Hosting solutions, announced the availability of a trade-up program for outage-plagued, disgruntled Amazon cloud customers.

Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) service experienced a prolonged outage that began on Thursday morning, April 21st and lasted through the following weekend. Thousands of Amazon customers and businesses were adversely affected by the outage.

Amazon has a history of outages dating back to 2008. In fact, the Amazon cloud has had as many as 6 outages since 2008, spanning the equivalent of 5 consecutive days. During these outages, many customers not only lost business but lost valuable data. Amazon’s response to their most recent failure has also drawn much criticism, citing a lack of communication and transparency. In a recent article within the Register, Thorsten von Eicken, a former academic colleague of Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, noted “Amazon’s communication, while better than during previous outages, still earns an F.”

To encourage Amazon cloud customers to switch to Connectria’s enterprise-class Cloud solutions, Connectria is offering a Buy 1, Get 2 Months Free Hosting promotion. Connectria’s IaaS Cloud Solutions were recently ranked ahead of Amazon, Rackspace, and GoGrid among others by Longhaus Pulse, an independent market research firm focused on Information Technology (IT) solutions for Enterprises. In addition, Connectria’s cloud customers recently gave Connectria a 100% satisfaction endorsement of its cloud solutions, through an independent survey conducted by TechValidate.

“I think it’s become apparent that you can’t just rub two magic sticks together and suddenly know how to run an effective IT Services organization,” said Rich Waidmann, President and CEO of Connectria. “Cloud computing at its basic element is delivering secure and reliable IT Services using a very broad and complex set of technologies. Just because someone is good at selling books and other products online, doesn’t translate to knowing how to build, run and support a complex technology environment from scratch, securely and reliably. The recent failure of Amazon is not an assault to the credibility of cloud computing, rather a direct failure of Amazon and their cloud services.”

“Clearly, customers should stick to cloud environments built using proven technologies like VMware, which we use, and they should buy from a proven vendor like Connectria,” Waidmann further stated. “Our 13 year track record of providing reliable service and exceptional support to over 1,000 businesses around the globe speaks for itself.”

According to Rusty Putzler, Vice President of Engineering with Connectria, “We take great pride in the quality of our cloud solutions and the positive experience our customers enjoy. Our cloud solutions and data centers are engineered to provide the resiliency and failover support that we expect and our customers demand. Amazon’s collective outages are well over 100 hours, it would appear, and they’ve lost customer data. We back our cloud solutions with one of the strongest Service Level Agreements in the industry and have a history of high reliability and security. In the event something does go wrong, we provide all our customers personalized support to quickly communicate and resolve problems. You just don’t get that from Amazon.”

About Connectria
Connectria Hosting (www.connectria.com) is a profitable and growing global provider of cloud, managed and complex hosting services. Packaged or customized solutions are available for technologies including OS, virtualization, database, email/collaboration and application/web servers. Connectria’s hosting expertise represents one of the industry’s widest range of supported platforms from a variety of vendors, including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, HP, Dell, SUN, Citrix, VMware and Open Source (e.g. Linux/LAMP, MySQL).

A privately held company, Connectria has built its business through reinvesting profits and without any debt or equity financing. Connectria operates world-class Data Centers, Network Operations Centers, and Engineering Centers located in St. Louis, Missouri and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From these facilities, Connectria operates as a virtual extension of its clients’ IT organizations.


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