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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information


1&1 Internet Ltd, unveiled a new cloud server package that delivers unrestricted cloud-based efficiencies to both businesses and professionals alike. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server, available from a total price of only £0.03 per hour+VAT, features dynamically adjustable resources – Processor Cores (vCore), RAM (GB) and Hard Disk Space (GB) – that are configurable upwards and downwards by the user themselves anytime. The solution offers capacity for a very high performance resource at a very low and accurate hourly price. 1&1 expects the package to be a highly popular option for businesses to take further steps toward Cloud computing, and raise efficiencies in their online projects.

1&1 internet1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server is an enormously flexible and robust virtualised server solution. The server is particularly effective for companies whose resource requirements change frequently or for a new business that can not accurately estimate how much computing power will be needed for online projects. The user only pays for the resources they require and use. Resources can be scaled up and down anytime and anywhere using sliders, are calculated on a pro-rata basis and charged on the following terms: 1 to 8 vCores – £0.01 per vCore per hour, 1 to 32 GB RAM – £0.01 per GB per hour, 1 to 800GB Hard Disk Space – £0.01 per 100GB per hour. An upgrade or downgrade is complete in less than 5 minutes. There is no basic fee, no setup fee, no minimum contract term, transparency of per-hour costs, and cancellation within the hour.

The 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server range comprises of the FLEX package, with total flexibility and no contract term, from £0.03 per hour+VAT, (£21.60/month+VAT), and the advantageous ADVANTAGE package for £9.99/month+VAT, that offers IT professionals in particular even better economies by being able to pay for a set of minimum resources, as well as a degree of flexibile configuration to be billed hourly – ideal for longer term online projects. With its Dynamic Cloud Server, 1&1 now offers a highly flexible basis from which business and technical users can access very powerful dedicated resources with full root control at a remarkably low cost.

A key feature of the new 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server is the innovative ‘sleep mode’, which enables FLEX package users to freeze their CPU and RAM resources, whilst their data is fully and safely retained on HDD storage. Currently, this option is offered free of charge for 6 months. This facility can make an enormous difference to controlling IT costs, particularly for seasonal businesses or freelance IT professionals.

Robert Hoffmann, CEO Hosting, 1&1 Internet Ltd, comments, “The latest generation Dynamic Cloud Server offers a number of distinct differentiators that can result in a transformation of efficiencies. The user enjoys the best of both worlds – dedicated highly reliable resources as well as completely dynamic scalability. An innovative ‘sleep mode’ can provide a unique freedom to leverage high performance for specific, shorter periods – a powerful benefit for many user groups at an unbeatable price”.

Servers are offered in Linux (Standard/Business) and Windows (Web/Standard – 2008 & 2012) configurations – installed automatically. All servers include full root access, unlimited traffic, free on-demand Snapshot Backups, Parallels Plesk 11 and up to £30 starting credit. It is also possible to switch between a Linux or Windows server operating system at any point. From 1 August, for convenience and timeliness in managing server resources, 1&1 will provide a new mobile server app to be used with all current iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices as well as mobile phones running the Android operating system.

Technically, 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server is based on the latest Xen virtualization platform. The modern high-performance data centres of 1&1 provide excellent network connectivity of 300 Gbit/s. 1&1 delivers fail-safe security via multiple-redundant cores and storage. Comprehensive measures are in place to protect against power outages, loss of data, cyber-attacks and external hazards such as water or fire. Such measures guarantee 1&1 users maximum availability, 365 days per year. Users can also feel reassured that their server is powered by renewable energy sources.

1&1 leverages its global scale to deliver a high quality service to its customers. The company currently holds 12 million customer contracts worldwide and manages over 11 million domain names. For more information visit the website at www.1and1.co.uk