Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

MyMLVPD Announce VPS, Virtual Desktop, and Dedicated Hosting Web Design and SEO Services

MyMLVPD is an organization at the heart of today’s internet hosting revolution. MyMLVPD offers its Microsoft windows web hosting services at a fraction of their competition. Testing has shown their network to be very reliable and their servers are cutting-edge SuperMicro dual Xeon 6 core nodes with 144GB of Ram. MyMLVPD links these servers to an ultra-fast RAID 10 SAN. The trial VPS ran hard drive intensive applications with ease. They use Hyper-V as their hypervisor. This assures a person’s resources really are dedicated. A good number of VDS vendors rely on hypervisors which share resources VMware and Parallels are two of the better recognized hypervisors that share resources but there are several more. Anytime a virtual server mentions burst able RAM it relies on shared resources. The problem with shared resources is it’s not guaranteed and vendors tend to oversell it.

If your company’s online store uses the dot net platform then there are a few other advantages to choosing a host that utilizes Hyper-V, an obvious one being that Microsoft knows Windows a lot better than anyone else. Any Microsoft OS will run like a champ within Hyper-V. MyMLVPD said they analyzed virtually all of the leading virtualization solutions before deciding upon Hyper-V. In an interview Dave Cox their CEO said, “We setup side by side trial to determine which hypervisor to purchase for Windows hosting. Hyper-V was able to handle intense loads better than its rivals.”

MyMLVPD offers more than simply virtual Microsoft windows 2008 R2 servers. They provide Windows Desktop hosting and Windows Dedicated Server hosting from their website. Every one of their products are completely customizable and come standard with 24/7 technical support. Their technical support associates are available by electronic mail, telephone and the customer support portal. Their support portal is basically a help desk and allows users to create trouble tickets, browse the knowledge base as well as talk with a customer service representative. We asked their CEO David Cox about their support portal and he said, “Our support portal is brand new and it has allowed our agents to solve tickets a lot faster. Currently the knowledge base is short on content but that will soon change. Our customers really like the fact that they can open a new ticket by sending an email to the proper department.”

They provide their users with much more than VPS, virtual desktop and dedicated server hosting. Just recently they added professional web designers and SEO gurus to their staff. When we asked Dave to describe the process of creating me a custom web site and this is what he had to say.

“First of all our creative designers are going to create a fantastic UI (user interface) for your website. After the customer approves the GUI our developers will start writing the code that makes the site function. Our developers are experts and will have the site ready for Onsite search engine optimization in no time. Our SEO professionals will make sure that all of the on-site Search engines optimizing tasks are completed. The customer will then approve the final site. After the final approval our internet marketing gurus will research whatever market the website belongs in and start an organic SEO campaign. The campaign starts with rewriting all of the customers content using proper keyword density and having copywriters create several 300-700 word articles related to your chosen niche and press releases introducing your company. They will create social media profiles, blogs and web 2.0 profiles. Then they publish the articles and press releases. They will create RSS feeds from them and create links to the content from the Web 2.0 and SMM sites. All of these tactics will create lots of backlinks to your website which in turn generates traffic to your website that is focused on your chosen niche. It’s all very exciting”

MyMLVPD provides a solution for everyone. From basic VPS hosting to a full-fledged major site release. Businesses no longer are required to have a technology division in house. MyMLVPD will create a beautiful webpage, edit its content, host the web site, monitor the server, download updates, perform routine maintenance and drive traffic to the website.

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