Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Host1Plus Announce Beta Cloud VPS

Host1Plus web hosting and cloud hosting provider launches beta Cloud VPS from 1st July.
Host1Plus will be giving away 10,000 cloud machines worth $1.5 million. This introductory offer will run for 3 months granting all beta testers 3 months of free VPS products and services.

“We want to ensure that our cloud infrastructure is compatible with all applications and operating systems. We are giving away this beta service so that beta testers can stress test our cloud extensively. This will allow us to find the weak spots within our system, giving us insight into the areas needing optimization. We want our cloud to be a flexible solution for any online project” says Vincentas Grinius Host1Plus co-founder and CEO.

Host1Plus, is a well-established web hosting company, which branched out in 2011 with it’s own cloud infrastructure. The immense success of their free web hosting which is based on a cloud system has giving them a deep understanding of compatible hardware, management systems based on XEN virtualization and various redundancy solutions.

“Beta testers can be anyone who is interested in hosting their websites or online projects on the cloud. We do not have any particular requirements from the beta testers. We will be grateful to receive as much feedback as possible from each tester. We have also lined up some exciting products and services which we will integrate into our beta cloud VPS. These features will be announced leading up to the launch date.
The Cloud VPS solution itself is extremely powerful, equaling and exceeding the physical performance of local systems. These virtual Cloud machines are all elastic, meaning none of the individual VPS resources are shared with other virtual machines, guarantying optimum resources and no overselling.
Find the latest information about the cloud vps and how to apply visit the the Host1Plus community forum or simply join the campaign mailing list.

About Host1Plus
Host1Plus.com is an international cloud computing and web hosting company providing shared hosting, VPS hosting, domain name registrations, SSL certificates and business tools to ease website control, scalability and maintenance.

Host1Plus is unwavering in their stance to uphold the core values of stability, reliability and superb support which are essential for an international web hosting company. Host1Plus is based in London, United Kingdom also operating out of Kaunas, Lithuania. Host1Plus provides free hosting solutions for small websites and enterprises. Host1Plus has teamed with professional data-centers around the globe, specifically UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany and Lithuania.

Host1Plus.com offers VPS web hosting that is powered with cloud computing technologies. Cloud systems are becoming very popular of its scalability, reliability and other factors that make it outstanding among any other website hosting solutions.

Host1Plus 26 York Street, London, W1U 6PZ

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