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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

NovaStor Announces New Cloud Backup Platform for Managed Service Providers

Data protection specialist NovaStor announces the availability of NovaBACKUP xSP 12.1, a new cloud backup platform for managed services providers. The platform features 30 times faster data transfers, a massive reduction of cache load during online backup, an innovative cloud restore functionality, Microsoft Exchange 2010 support for single mailbox availability, and a full set of features that allow service providers to offer individualized customer management with little administrative effort.

Central Management for Any Number of Independent Customers
The central management of NovaBACKUP xSP enables service providers to view, control, and manage unlimited client installations from a single management console. Remote access to customer installations down to the file level, allows for fast and cost-saving administration and customer support. The new version introduces multi-client capability through independent management and presentation of any number of customer accounts in one installation and improves the overall usability. In addition, a new customer log allows entering notes into the central management so that any employee can easily get an overview of the history and support for any customer.

The new multi-client capability also allows service providers to let customers access a tailored view of the central management. This new feature grants customers access to their data, while guaranteeing the privacy of all other customer accounts. As customer access is restricted to the individual customer’s data, service providers can grant any number of customers access to their central management, without the need to create a new management installation for each customer.

Unlimited Restore Capabilities for Advanced Restore Services
The new version of NovaStor’s public cloud platform equips Managed Backup Services with a new and improved set of restore options. These new restore features ensure that customers can restore their data whether or not they have the client software available, restore applications with or without the original hardware, and also restore huge amounts of data quickly without having to worry about bandwidth limitations.

The two major innovations are Cloud Restore and Seamless Restore from a transport device. Cloud Restore allows service providers to operate from a website in which customers can log in from any PC, via a web-browser and restore any file to any PC. The restore requires neither the original user interface, nor the computer on which the client software was originally installed on. Customers are granted unlimited access to the data they have backed up to the cloud.

NovaBACKUP xSP 12.1 introduces another unique innovation that supports data availability independent of bandwidth called Seamless Restore. When huge data loads must be restored, online connections are no longer the appropriate means of transportation. Service providers have to create a restore device directly from the storage server and customers must be able to restore the data from the device at their site. However, hardly any service is capable of crossing the gap between online and offline data transfer. NovaStor has solved the problem with unique application, Seamless Restore, which allows service providers to create a restore device for any customer. Using the same application as the provider, the customer can easily restore huge amounts of data from the transport device. The restore from transport device seamlessly integrates with all other functions of the service.

FastBIT® 3 for Increased Speed
NovaBACKUP xSP 12.1 also incorporates NovaStor’s unique FastBIT 3 technology and increases the speed of data transfer by 30 times, while notably decreasing the cache load during online backup. With version 12.1, users can for the first time, back up huge data loads via an Internet connection in an acceptable amount of time.

“NovaBACKUP xSP 12.1 offers many new functions and improvements that enable service providers to fulfill individual customer expectations and meet the increasing requirements of growing data loads in professional and private environments,” comments Stefan Utzinger, CEO at NovaStor.


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