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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

E-Senza Partners with IDC Solutions to Increase Data Center Energy Efficiency

E-Senza Technologies announce the appointment of IDC Solutions as a distributor of our entire wireless device networking product range in Australia and the South East Asia region.

IDC Solutions, based in Sydney, Australia are “the Data Center Specialist” designing, implementing and installing power and environmental monitoring systems. Valued for their flexible, innovative and cost-effective solutions, IDC Solutions is an industry leader in their field and work with companies of all sizes – from start-ups to national and international organisations customising solutions and improving efficiencies.

IDC Solutions intend to integrate the E-Senza Technologies wireless technology with the EzyMon® monitoring products, a range of wireless and wired monitoring systems developed in response to the need to know and accurately measure, monitor and report on power, temperature, humidity and other environmental factors. Simple to install, with no downtime, EzyMon® measures the energy and other factors used by every live feed. The information is sent to a data gathering module, where it is processed and analysed. Customers select from a range of pre-set reports, or create their own, to track, control and report on all environmental factors.

“We have worked closely with E-Senza who have provided us with the design and operational feedback required to build a comprehensive, wireless, solution based on E-Senza technology.” said Eddy Abboud, General Manager, IDC Solutions, “The retrofit nature of wireless E-Senza systems and the comprehensive range of data logged will help complement our product range and help our customers understand their environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, pressure and other consuming factors to reduce cost and improve efficiencies.”

“Understanding customer’s requirements is one of our highest priorities. Available globally, supported locally also underlines E-Senza’s philosophy to build long-term relationships with distribution partners to help meeting the growing demands for ultra-low power wireless networking solutions in the data center monitoring market worldwide.” said Amit Shah, CEO of E-Senza. “The partnership with such an experienced and strong partner like IDC Solutions emphasise our role as a reliable supplier of physical information to systems integrators, energy efficiency consultants and solutions providers to enhance data center efficiency improvement.”

About IDC Solutions Pty Ltd
IDC Solutions a leader in the provision of innovative solutions, products and services for Data Centers in Australia and the South East Asia regions. Known as the Data Centers specialists, IDC Solutions measure, monitor, report on power energy, temperature, humidity and many other factors to ensure cost control and operational efficiencies. IDC Solutions Eziblank air flow panel products maximize the usage of air flow within the data center racks, reducing costs and extending the life of Data centers equipments.

About E-Senza Technologies GmbH
E-Senza Technologies, located in Konstanz Germany, is a market leader in low-power, reliable wireless device networking solutions designed for temperature and conditioning monitoring to optimize industrial processes, energy efficiency of data centers & buildings as well as compliance with governmental regulations. E-Senza enables OEMs and end users to quick bring to market and deploy standards-based or proprietary wireless monitoring or control solutions that result in increased safety, improved quality, and enhanced operation efficiency. E-Senza products and solutions are used by major companies in a variety of industries and by system integrators around the world.


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