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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

1stPoint/WebSite Source Announces New Services

1stPoint Communications announced that it will be providing two new options for clients of its WebSite Source hosting business unit which will be available by the end of the first quarter of 2017. The two new plans: InstantPBX and InstantCS are the direct result of the intersection between the WebSite Source web hosting business and 1stPoint’s voice and messaging infrastructure.

With a few clicks hosting clients will be able to create a fully functional cloud PBX based on popular open source code. The virtual private server will include a toll free number, ten DIDs (direct inward dial numbers) and four SIP trunks with 10,000 inbound and outbound minutes included in the package. Telephone numbers may be new or be ported onto the platform from an existing traditional phone system or another Internet based PBX. ‘This platform is truly an InstantPBX,’ commented Kristen Vasicek, Director of Marketing for 1stPoint, regarding the new product. ‘In the new workforce subscribers are completely mobile and require access to their voice facilities any time, from anywhere in the world. Some organizations want the flexibility of having their own private cloud PBX.’

The second product, InstantCS, is targeted at web hosting customers that have order driven web sites and would like other ways to communicate with their customers. The new service will not only include popular authoring tools such as WordPress and Web Presence Builder, but also a series of WebRTC tools and will also include inbound voice services such as DIDs and Toll Free numbers so that a client can plug their whole company directly into their web site, eliminating the need for their legacy phone system entirely. These numbers will be text enabled and the web sites will have access to the 1stPoint messaging API natively. This ability addresses the needs of communicating with the new generation of customers who wish to use texting as their primary medium. ‘We have discussed these applications with both developers and other operators, who have struggled to monetize WebRTC. With these products we seek to capitalize on the technological advancement that WebRTC provides, while taking advantage of the unique set of resources that 1stPoint is poised to provide it’s clients,’ said Erik Levitt, 1stPoint’s CEO. ‘These tools provide our customers A New Way to Work and we look forward to their full deployment this quarter.’

The new services will be available as plans on the WebSite Source site as they are rolled out and will be available through its existing easy-to-use portal alongside the traditional product set. All of these services are available both directly to the consumer and via wholesale channels.

More at www.1pcom.net