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Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

CloudFuzion Cloud Clusters From Axceleon Inc

Axceleon™ brings the power of the cloud to Siggraph 2011. CloudFuzion integrates internal render farm rendering nodes with cloud based render nodes and automatically forms an expanded cluster of internal and cloud based rendering resources.

This enables studios to engage “on-demand” pay-as-you-go cloud based services like Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure to complement their internal infrastructure as needed. CloudFuzion also supports “bursting to the cloud” where cloud based resources can be automatically “spun up” when needed to meet the Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements of a particular project or render and then shut down when render is complete.

Render Farms are now migrating to the cloud to take advantage of the immense compute power available on a ” pay-as-you-go” basis. CloudFuzion makes this happen! CloudFuzion has a Cloud Controller which can automatically start and stop cloud nodes as needed, has unlimited scalability of Cloud based render nodes or compute resources, uses a100% Web Browser based Cluster Monitoring and Control Center, manages “Big Data” which includes Xrefs (External Reference Files) and other scene assets. In order for these “big data” scenes to reach clouds based compute clusters CloudFuzion is integrated with Aspera which provides rapid seamless transport of data to & from the cloud.

CloudFuzion provides for mission critical, fail-safe, fully redundant HPC clusters in private and public clouds for the 3D animation and Architectural industries. Cloud cluster deployment and workflow/pipeline integration services available from the CloudFuzion team.


CloudFuzion® and EnFuzion®, high performance cluster computing software, is developed here in the United States by Axceleon. The CloudFuzion® platform is available as a service (PaaS) and used on larger public clouds, grids and high performance internal cloud computing environments and runs natively on all major OS platforms Windows®, Linux®, Mac OS® and Unix®. EnFuzion® cluster computing software is currently deployed in power/energy utilities, 3D applications, financial services, bioinformatics, scientific research, telecommunications and engineering, where it helps users to get more results faster. EnFuzion® was one of the first sizeable deployments of grid computing technology on Wall Street in 2000.

To learn about CloudFuzion®, EnFuzion® please visit www.CloudFuzion.com

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