Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

Go Daddy Announces Next Generation “4GH” Web Hosting

Go Daddy is reshaping the Web hosting landscape with its 4th Generation Web hosting (4GH). Set up in a cloud environment, the new hosting platform provides customers numerous benefits, including scalability, security, performance and value when compared to traditional shared hosting.

Under the shared hosting model, many customer websites are housed on a single server. If a Web server experiences issues, it affects everyone on that server – for example, if a hosting server goes down, all customers’ sites hosted on that server go down with it. If a website on that server has an unexpected traffic spike, in certain cases it would cause website slowness or loading issues for everyone else hosted on that server as well.

Go Daddy listened to customer feedback and created 4GH. Using a new architecture consisting of multiple Web hosting servers networked together, these issues are now a thing of the past. Under the 4GH model, because websites are hosted in a cloud supported by several servers with load balancing, if a server goes down, another server quickly takes its place, without customers experiencing a disruption in service. If a website receives a bunch of traffic, resources are shifted and the other websites still operate normally.

“4GH was created to help our customers succeed,” said Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. “For example, a customer would be mentioned on Oprah or CNN and suddenly their web server had more traffic than it was designed to handle. We’d quickly move them to a dedicated server to protect them, along with our other shared hosting customers. It was like an epiphany – we needed a new platform that could react immediately. You could say, with 4GH our customers who suddenly find themselves in the limelight won’t miss their ’15 minutes of fame.'”

Go Daddy was in the “cloud” before the term was coined, but 4GH is the next level of cloud services. With 4GH, if more servers are needed, the cluster can quickly expand, providing plenty of power for all Web hosting customers. Customers using Go Daddy’s 4GH with proprietary Dynamic Traffic Management, Dynamic Defense Management and Dynamic Server Management are receiving a near-enterprise level service for a small monthly fee.

Just ask Mike Bender, co-creator of Internet sensation AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com. Since its inception in April, 2009, Bender’s humorous blog has attracted several waves of mainstream media attention, including interview spots on NBC’s TODAY and ABC’s Good Morning America, to name just a few.

“Every time our site gets mentioned in the media, we notice a huge surge in Web traffic,” said Bender, whose now-famous blog has also transpired into a New York Times best-selling book. “Go Daddy’s 4GH ensures our site will be fast and stable, no matter what. It’s critical to our success and we depend on it every day.”

AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com now gets more than 20 million impressions a month. Bender says he tried several Web hosting providers but has found Go Daddy’s service to be the most reliable.

4GH Web hosting is also backed by Go Daddy’s 24/7 Site Defenders team. A testament to its success in preventing cyber attacks and detecting website vulnerabilities, Go Daddy’s staff recently won the 2011 honor for “Best Security Team” at SC Magazine’s annual global awards program.

To learn more about Go Daddy Products, including 4GH and email marketing, please visit www.GoDaddy.com

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