Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information
Web Hosting Publicity Announcements News and Information

ASEOHosting Launches SEO Web Hosting Services

ASEOHosting, a web hosting company owned by Ahosting, Inc., has announced the debut of a new set of SEO hosting services. This unique set of web hosting offerings is intended to assist SEO professionals in achieving better search engine rankings through a hosting platform specially designed for SEO purposes.

At the forefront of ASEOHosting’s SEO hosting services is the ability to choose IP addresses in multiple class C subnets. This is intended to help webmasters keep an “arms reach” relationship between web sites that they may happen to maintain, stay free of passing potentially undue webspam penalties on certain web sites, and achieve better rankings where geo-location is at play by a particular search query (for example, a web site hosted in Sweden is proven to rank better for Swedish users, as well as many search queries that involve the phrase ‘Sweden’ or ‘Swedish’).

“We’ve seen an overwhelmingly positive response towards our SEO hosting services,” commented Matthew Jacobsen, VP of Customer Relations for ASEOHosting. “Very few web hosting companies can supply IP addresses from 550+ class C’s in cities located all over the world. We’re very happy to be meeting a long-running need of SEO professionals.”

ASEOHosting’s SEO hosting services are available in plans as small as 5 unique class C IP addresses in a shared hosting package, ranging all the way up to dedicated servers with an entire /24 IP provision or larger where justified. ASEOHosting’s clients are also given the option of choosing where their IP’s are located, in places such as the United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Germany for international SEO.

More information on this unique set of offerings can be found at http://www.aseohosting.com/seo-hosting.htm

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